Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blessed Crystal Quartz Points

I AM blessing crystal quartz points with divine source energy for the Dreamtime Transmission II Event.

My blessed crystal points will be good for your meditation held in your hand. You can put in in your pocket, pouch or made into a necklace and it will bring you clarity, protection and connection to divine source.

In honor of 8,500 people that are connecting to me on Facebook.  I'd like to have a FREE giveaway to the 8,600 person who likes this page.

Please share this with friends. ♡

If you are interested in a blessed crystal point they are $10 each.
ValSecrets@gmail.com to purchase

Love to All.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Photo Energy Transmission - Goddess Blessings

This photo was taken by photographer and Energy Worker Ken Chi. We were both activated by Abdy Electriciteh. 

Ken took this photo while I was transmitting energy. You can feel the energy through the photo.

You might feel it in your heart or your head.

Sending you all goddess blessings on this three day goddess celebration

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Soul in a Human Body

Im a Spiritual being having a human experience. 

My body is my temple, and I respect this temple. I choose to treat it with care, with the healthiest choices of foods, exercise, and rest.

I enjoy being in a body.  I choose to be healthy, strong, and active,  because in that I carry a higher vibration that lets me dance through life.

Don't take this life,  your health, your vibrancy for granted.