Star of Bethlehem, Christ Energy, Going Invisible and More..

Thursday, July 02, 2015

As usual when I organize group sessions or retreat's I receive a download from source and that is the only reason why I do it. My mind does not calculate or think about who will come or how many people will be there. It's not for the money and I don't care how much I make in the end. I do it with higher purpose and it might be many reasons. It could be the reason that I have to connect to the souls that attend, it could be that I myself need a personal upgrade of energy, or that divine higher dimensional beings want to come out and play, or a connection to the cosmic alignment or all of the above!

June 29th, 2015 I had no clue about the "Jupiter and Venus alignment" as I was only told about it a few days ago by a friend online. I had planned the Free Outdoor Session a few days before and again not knowing the cosmic connection. I asked everyone to bring a long stem flower of course with no premeditated thoughts. I just simply follow the force's flow.

All 18 +1 of us gathered together and shared our hearts talking about our experiences after the session.  The alignment of Jupiter and Venus, aka "the star of Bethlehem" about 2,000 years ago was the signal for the three wise men, aka the three great sages from India knew that the "New Born King" will come during that alignment. Paramahamsa Yogananda dictated his interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita, he said that Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Sri Yukteswar were the three wise men. He was speaking of the souls of these great masters, coming in previous incarnations.  Yogananda has said also that Lahiri Mahasaya was Kabir - in a previous incarnation. He said that Sri Yukteswar was Lanfranc, the spiritual advisor of William the Conqueror - again, in a previous incarnation.  My soul knowledge tells me that three magi's were waiting for the cosmic alignment as an indication as to when the new born king will come in the next nine months. I told everyone at the gathering that Yeshua was actually born in March (Pisces/The Fish) and so we quickly did the math and it was exactly 9 months June to March. Perfect. That is how the "three wise men" followed this star, they didn't actually follow a star to know where he was, just an indication to know that he was to be born. I feel that they didn't travel to him by foot, but rather just manifest themselves as to where he was. There was no way they could find the hidden baby, as Mary and Josef were in hiding. This alignment of the cosmos is strongly connected to the Christ Energy and so the Christ Energy was showing itself to many of us.

(Left to Right: Jesus Christ, Krishna, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar , Yogananda)

Everyone was laying outside on their blanket and a few women were able to see the glimmering cosmic alignment. One of those women also saw tall white light beings in her minds eye of which I confirmed that they are the guardians of the Christ Light of which so many people have said they have seen around me and Abdy. While others saw Yeshua's silhouette in their minds eye.
I had written and drew this heart with a cross like figure on the chalk board, of which some people saw and other had not. Another woman had mentioned that she had seen in her minds eye a heart with a diamond in it, which is similar to what I drew. The other scribblings are from my daughter while we were in session.
During our talk after the session, I gave everyone a blessing of protection and as soon as that was finished we could feel the cold breezes of everyone's guardian beings surrounding them. A beautiful confirmation for us.

Later, I learned that my friend who said he was going to be late, but never actually showed up was texting me and saying that there was no one at my house; no people or cars! There were about 12 cars outside all lined up of which we live in a dead-end street. Plus, we were playing music, toning, and even stood up at some point all where it's in plain sight. My friend was there waiting for us from 8:10-9pm and we were outside during that entire time he never joined us and no he didn't have the wrong address.  He even said he walked up to our creek and we were about 10 feet away from the creek. Funny thing is that the street became so quiet and the street is never that quiet as there is always at least a car or so driving by. So my friend and a few of those who were at the session I shared this story with all felt that we were indeed in another realm and were not visible to those in 3D. I suppose his job was to give us that confirmation!

Hook Mountain, Nyack NY Excursion

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Yesterday's excursion in Nyack NY, feeling the earth's natural vortex of energy at Hook Mountain.

After the session everyone slept over and we had a beautiful day the next day feeling Earth's energies and then driving up to Woodstock, NY to go see Peter Mt. Shasta' talk at Mirabai Book Store.

Soul Family :)

Alan Steinfeld interviews Val Tignini on Energy Activations and ET's

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I speak to Alan Steinfeld host of New Realities about the Soul Rising Retreat I had in the Catskill Mountains at the Menla Center May 29th to June 1st.

This retreat was a download I received to specifically have at the Menla Center on those dates.

You will discover why I was told to do it during those days.

Alan Steinfeld from New Realities interviews Val Tignini on her awakening experience, activation into source, and how her work leads her to multi-dimensional realities. She talks about her retreat called "Soul Rising" and she talks about how they had a few friendly guest surprises from some ET's. Also three of the "soul risers", Aaron Nebbia, Amy Javier and Rajeev Rampersad give their testimony of their experience at the Soul Rising Retreat.