Santa Clause Train in Whippany NJ

Monday, December 15, 2014

This year was my first time on the Santa Clause Train. We took Anastasia and her my brother, sister, and a family friend brought their families as well. It was such a cute little excursion. 
The Whippany, NY Railroad Museum does this event for families every year, along with others. 
We took the 10 mile long ride, that goes from Whippany, NJ to Roseland, NJ and back to Whippany.
We sat in the Club Cars which dates back to the 1930's. I thought that was cool, as I never rode in a train that old. It would be nice if our trains had that much charm these days.

The Blue Car is the Club Car, the oldest train on the line.
Kisses before we go :)

Christian and Anastasia of course holding hands, so much love on the train.

My baby and I. She makes everything fun and exciting.

They had a clown on the train. They also give cookies out for $2 each, then one of Santa's Helpers comes out. There is no food or drinks served on the train besides that.
Looking out the window.. there goes the choo-choo train.
My brother Dante loves his family time too.

Santa has arrived! If you notice the little boy is terrified. ahaha

Of course Anastasia is afraid of Santa.

Santa is giving gifts.

I thought this was interesting! "Spitting is Forbidden".

Overall, it was really cute for the kids. I think they would go on next year. We might wait a year or two to go back on. But it's a definite must experience on the Club Car.  Go to for more information.

Merry Holidays :)

The Hole in the Wall Gang Charity

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Here is a video from when had a charity event for The Hole in the Wall Gang.

This Year I will be giving to my favorite charity, "The Hole in the Wall Gang" which is a wonderful organization that has a camp in Ashford, Connecticut which allows for children with terminal diseases to enjoy their lives in a supportive, nature filled, fun environment. This organization was founded by actor, director, philanthropist Paul Newman in 1988.

This man is a true inspiration to me. I don't know any other public figure that has made such leaps and bounds to help others. A beautiful man with a beautiful heart who is truly connected to his soul.

He even has food products which a percentage of profits goes to Charity. Truly a spirited being. Thank you Mr. Newman, you are missed.

Christmas Kiddie Party

Friday, December 12, 2014

I haven't sat on Santa's lap since 2003. My oh my how times flies, but of course you need a good reason to sit on his lap, don't you? :) Anastasia wouldn't go near Santa without Mommy there. So here I am sitting on Santa's lap.

^^ The kids waiting for Santa around the tree

                ^^ He was there too.

            ^^^ Yep it was this kind of tree :)

                           ^^ Santa's Helper loves his Uncle. I thought Santa's helpers were a little bigger!;)
^^ The lovely hostess of the evening.

^^ Pizza Time. Stasi got a kick of sitting around the table with Christian and Arianna. 

         ^^ Mark, Luke and Kevin say "Cheers" to Santa

       Sis got a new haircut. ;)

    Sissy-in-law enjoying her alone time.. 5 minutes that is.

         ^^^ Santa is here!

   ^^ He's calling out names to give presents. How exciting, not for Anastasia! She was scared. :(

    ^^ Love these cuties.

     ^^ Stasi got a Piggy Bank.. She calls her Peppa.

     ^^ The Mommies and I. Love these girlies.

       ^^ Play Time with Auntie Lauren! 

I love this time of year simply for the reasons of these times. The spirits are high and we all feel truly blessed to have one another. Merry Christmas :)