Friday, September 11, 2015

Check in with your heart 
when your ego mind 
has hijacked your thoughts.
Your heart has the power 
to overcome any mental distress.

Meeting Kunlun Master Max Christensen

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last night I had a very special Skype Call with one of my favorite Masters of Light, Max Christensen.

It was amazing for me to see how much we had mutual understanding of Universal Spiritual Truths. He has confirmed a lot of things for me and I feel deeper into my knowing and self trust. I honor people like him as his wisdom comes with many lifetimes of tribulations. So many of us forget how to honor people for what has been given to you. I myself have many gifted-given "spiritual" and "nonspiritual" talents but I always give merits and respects to who has given me just an inch of clarity in my path. This is a simple way of letting the Ego know, you're not the boss of me.. my heart is the boss and my spirit flows freely that way. 

I've been told Max can wisp away someone five feet without even touching them, just through energetics.

Max taught over 10,000 people world wide Kunlun, including Kan from Tokyo. Kan had obtained Dragon Body, see his video also.

Max Christensen continues to teach small group classes for those interested in learning and cultivating the ancient knowledge and practices, while discovering the mysteries of these arts.
Some of the traditions that Max has training in:
* Apache and Navaho tradition, medicine path of the Red Willow Society in New Mexico.
* Taoist tradition of the Shang-ching and Wudang.
* Shamanic tradition of the Blue Wolf clan of Mongolia.
* Peleku and Kanelu tradition of Kauai, Hawaii.
* Esoteric practices of Egyptian yogic tradition.

Isis and Friends Revealed on My Birthday

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Photo taken same way without Ankh and you can see my dress here.. 

The picture taken with the Ankh 

My Birthday is July 22nd the day of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day. I am not sure what that means, but I know that it was supposedly chosen by the Catholic Church, which I don't resonate with. I believe it's either her birthday, cosmic alignment day or numerically meaningful. I knew this day was very special in connection to her and the divine feminine. At my birthday party I was planning on honoring the divine feminine, but the event was canceled and I understood why. I needed to be calm and peaceful on my birthday as I was still calibrating my upgrade I had at Abdy's session. At Abdy's session I usually have surges of energy come through me that allow me to see, hear, speak, do and feel all sorts of magical things. This time I just saw my astral body outside of my body and I would watch myself dancing in bliss giving the attendees at Abdy's event transmission. I felt that this was a significant advancement in my soul. About a month ago I was sitting in the passenger seat  of the car, while someone else was driving I went into this deep state of inner silence and then shakti was running through me so strongly that I couldn't keep composure and it would jerk my body like a slithering snake of the kundalini energy. Suddenly I felt the divine Mother come to me and she came in all forms! She showed me all her faces and each being sending me blessings. There was also a message told to me which is now personal and I might reveal at a later time, but I was in complete bliss after all the blessings I received from the divine feminine. To connect this story to what happened lastnight I wanted to take a photo of myself to see if any magic came through as the eye of the camera is like the 3rd eye, all seeing eye and can capture energies that we cannot see with our own two eyes. I was then told by source to pick up my ankh, that I love. And so I did and took the photo. Immediately the photo revealed an energy. If you zoom into the right side of my ear you can see the face of Isis and other beings as well.  I'd love to hear what you see, you can comment here below. I am very connected to Isis .. and other divine feminine beings that have come to me as well.

Close up of my ear

Indication of her reptilian face with a smile.