Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who am I?

You are light. 
We all are. 
Everything and anything is a light energy and this energy vibrates love. 
This is why the saying that new age people say "light and love" is real! 
The only thing that's incorrect about that is the "and" because it's all one. 

There is no separation or duality. Only one. So it should be "LoveLight"

Your way home to God yes, Yes, Yes And you will realize that home is a beautiful place, a place you've been seeking for so long... And when you arrive you will see that you are that.
You are the same lightlove of God. 

You will feel it in every bit of your being, and then the "you" evaporates. 

There is no more you, just that of which is pure presence in the divine ocean.

You are the droplet of water in the ocean.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Abdy in Central Park - Free Event August 17th, 2014

Hello Light Beings, 

As some of you know that I am helping Abdy Electriciteh with spreading his work and his name around the world to benefit Humanity.

Abdy has changed my life ever since I have gone to his session (coincidently) on December 12th, 2010 in NYC. I was invited by a friend -- and I asked my sister and Mother to come along and they did! Now this friend, is my life partner and father of my daughter, my sister has kundalini sways when she is around Christ energy and my Mother is an awakening caterpillar.

As for myself, in three years I have experienced a blast of kundalini almost everyday for 1 year awakening all my senses and opening my third eye. Ever since I met Abdy I have the ability to astral travel, remote view, bring my consciousness to wherever and whenever time in the past, future or present. I can channel light beings, see my past lives, dissolve into the nothingness of everythingness. I also have been activated to have the same gift, but different, as Abdy. But most importantly I have inner peace and an expanded heart to bring it to humanity.

I choose to be Abdy's helper not because I am deeply connected to him, or because I love him so dearly, but because I believe in Humanities Transformation, I believe in you. And I know Abdy is a main part of this transformation. He has already brought so much light to this planet for over 10 years but now is the time to take it to another level.

So I say this,

Spread the Word. Please post this on your page, or invite your friends.

Abdy is traveling all around the world but has not had a FREE event in a long time, hence this is indeed a gift to humanity and to New York.

Don't be shy and bring ten, twenty people to this event.

Each person will be an antenna to the light and will be spreading this light to everyone around in the park, in NYC!

So I say it again, go out there and spread the word to everyone you know.. Their soul will decide to come or not.

Sending Love, Valeria Marie Tignini

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Hugs with Amma in 2014 and the Past

Today is a day to celebrate a Guru, your spiritual or academic teacher in India, "Guru Purnima".

Because Amma is Indian and I went to go see her recently I thought I would dedicate this to her today.

Amma, "The Hugging Saint" has taught many through her words, but for me she has been more like a healer.

I went to go see Amma this past week and experienced something within myself that felt good in which I saw so much change and healing within myself.  The first time I went to go see Amma I was in the venue, not even close to where she was sitting on stage and I went into a no-mind state of being. In the midst of a hasty conversation I went into a state of peace and stillness. I started to laugh at this silly argument and decided that there was nothing wrong, that whatever will be, will be.  The person arguing with me saw this shift and felt my new state of being and so the conversation was interrupted with a kiss. This time I felt tranquil, but glowing inside. I felt I was in the field of love, but I could handle this new love vibration. I was use to being in this field, in this state of being so my body had no different effects from the usual. I was really happy about that. I was at peace with everyone, but mostly at peace with myself.

The first time I saw Amma three years ago, when I hugged her I started to cry and cry and then when I was taken away from her my kundalini went off and I was crying for about an hour after that. There was so much pain inside me then that I haven't healed. When I went to go hug Amma this time, I could barely look at her as my eyes couldn't handle her inner light. My eyes were twitching and I felt I was outside of my body as I was holding my daughter to approach her for a hug. As I lean in for a hug with my daughter in my arms, Amma chants something in my ear which was very different from the first time I saw her she would say "My daughter, My daughter" over and over again rocking me like a baby. This time she just held me in her bossom and at first I started to cry, but not over my sorrows but because I missed her light and then suddenly the crying stopped and suddenly I feel oneness with her and I begin to say "Ahhh" and she does the same. She lifts me up, looks at me in my eyes and says "I love you", I say, "I love you too!". I was in a state of bliss afterwards. You know those laugh-cries.

I then went to go see her the next day and I went to go hug her one more time, and this hug was different also, I felt so clear and wonderful. I felt that I was tuned up to the energy, I could look at her this time and I was in my body. I went to hug her and she again chanted in my ear and I felt such love, such beauty, such grace. When I got up she opened her mouth with a smile of excitement and threw rose peddles at me. I literally skipped away from her. I felt so wonderful.

She has embodied the Divine Mother and we are so lucky to experience her in our lifetimes. I surely feel lucky.