Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving from the Natives Perspective

Weetoomoo Carey, 8, left, and her sister Jackolynn Carey, 5, Wampanoag Nipmucs from Mashpee, 
looked across to the Mayflower replica anchored near Plymouth Rock, where Native Americans gathered for a day of mourning in counterpoint to the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving. 

(Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tree Hugging and Loving

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Today is my Father's Birthday, so from what I can remember this may be one of the warmest birthday's he's every had in the New York area. Anyway, I decided to take little A out around the house and today she had a strong pull towards this beautiful tree.

^^ Anastasia connecting to the tree ^^

          She was then playing with this tree, tickling it's leaves 

    She didn't forget about her turtle, who she calls "Arianna". 

   The air was so warm and crisp, I was loving it too!

 So much fun to play with leaves, especially this beautiful!

Of course,  Stasi wanted to be in my arms the rest of the time.

 Teaching Stasi the magic of the trees.

  She was surely paying attention

Hope you had a beautiful Spring/Fall day today.. :)



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Spook Rock - The Most Important Native Indian Landmark Remaining in NY

Today I decided to go on a spiritual adventure to go see in person this mystical rock. I can sense high energy/ holy energy from a distance. I had a soul calling to go here and to start this Native American Indian journey with a Spook Rock.

I had a calling towards Native Indian American's since this summer. I along with my soul brother, Ken Chi who was visiting New York , we both decided to have an energy transmission session at my home in West Nyack, NY on our lawn by majestic trees and just below an ancient creek running 30 ft below our feet. That day we decided to dedicate the event to a charity and the first charity that came to me was the "Nyack Indians" Reservation Charity. Ken and I later found out that the charity seemed discontinued and closed for business. Therefore, we decided to dedicate it to a Water Charity. Even though, we had changed the charity we had the spirits of the natives all around us while we were having the session with the participants laying on the earth on comfy blankets while inadvertently connecting to these ancient beings. During that session I received a download of which has stayed with me in regards to the Indians of New York.

This image is a photo of where Ken Chi and I had the session.

Pulling up to now the new shopping center called "Indian Rock Shopping Center" and driving closer to the rock I could feel the tingles in my hand, which was a confirmation that indeed this place was sacred.

Before it was a shopping center in 1996, it was an Boulder Farming Estate that was owned by Otis. H. Cutler, described by Evan T. Pritchard "It is a large rock sitting on top of other rocks, about fifteen feet above the street, perched on a high embankment that once afforded a clear view of the sloping mountain below. I could see that the two streets below had been trails, and that this was once a great crossroads."

According to Julian Harris Salomon, it is perhaps the most important authentic Indian landmark remaining in the entire New York metropolitan area. It was once on top of a high mound. 

The Dutch would call it "Spuke Rock" or "Rock of Spirit", or "The Breath of Life".  The Natives would consider this spot holy, a shrine. Old accounts tell us it was "an abode of the spirit force, which for them was to be found in plants, trees, animals, and in all manifestations of nature." 

From what I felt first hand was that the rock lies upon a vortex in connection to the spirit of Gaia, Earth and the land keepers of this area on Earth, the Native American Indian people.

Before I decided to go into the cave I was touching the outside of the rock. This 17,300 ton Proterozoic granite gneiss is .8-1.2 billion years old. I could feel the rock going through my bones.  The rock never warm and always being cold.  This glacial erratic was deposited here by the Laurentide Ice Sheet approximately 21,000 years ago.
Okay, so we decided to go into the cave of the rock. I was with my daughter and my fiance' and we all went in together.  It's a long narrow cave with enough head room for a person below 6'1". I immediately feel waves of energy come through me from my feet to my chest.

I close my eyes and I start to hum. The humming then leads to my feet shuffling amongst the dirt within the rocks cave. I could hear my daughter getting upset but, I wanted to let the high frequency energy take me as I knew I was there to learn something.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, were my feet moving as they never have before. I could smell the dirt and I could feel the ancients surrounding the rock. I felt a deep connection of gratitude for my attendance as they have been waiting for me. After my understanding of the strong wiff of the dirt, I decided to open my eyes and I could see what was happening. I was dancing like a Native. My feet were dancing on their own, my mind had nothing to do with it and I could feel the purpose of this dance.

The whole point of the Indian's dance is to connect to Earth. As you shuffle your feet you are to let the dirt come up and remember where you come from, what gives you life, and be in harmony with the land that give you all that you need.

I had a hard time breathing in the cave. I felt like my chest was very compressed and I was coughing a bit. I walked out of the cave after 10 min of being in there. This morning I woke up with anxiety, from what was going on this past week and I was holding this energetically in my chest. I experienced the Natives, the Rock, Gaia, clear this anxiety in the cave. I didn't know what was happening then, but I am sitting writing this with no anxiety and I feel amazing. Spook Rock is indeed also a sacred healing place of which those who believe or even those who don't believe should go to experience this blessed spot given to us by our beloved Gaia.

My journey has embarked here, and I am allowing for the next exploration to call out to me.

Although I will be back soon to this sacred spot.

For those who are interested in joining me on this Native American Spiritual Quest in New York State, please send a message to

Entrance of the cave

All images are taken by Val Tignini.