Soul Rising Retreat - My First Retreat Upstate, NY

Thursday, May 21, 2015

 I am a vessel for source energy which I am able to consciously transmit and share. The energy chooses who will partake in it as well as when and where. While, source energy is always everywhere at all times, it arises as different frequencies within space and time. The sessions I hold introduce frequencies to you in such a way that you experience them directly in a profound and transformative way which is different for everyone. I felt strongly called to hold a gathering immersed in nature and am pleased to announce that my very first retreat will be held on May 29th through June 1st in Upstate New York at the beautiful Menla Center, less than 2 hours from New York City.

Connection to Source Energy

Experience: Purification + Initiation + Mind, Body, Soul Connection
The Sanctuary at the Menla
Val will be having sessions in the rented beautiful space called The Sanctuary Room which sits amongst the trees. This is where you and the group will connect to Source Energy without meditation in a peaceful quiet space. see for more info on the work

Q&A, Group Exercises

Experience: Mind Blocks Release + Mental Transformation
The Sanctuary at the Menla
Val will have group talk with all of you to bring out your mind stuff that needs to let go of. Most of us have patterns and mind blocks of which we do not know of. This will come through in the group setting as we sit in the field after Val has opened up and connected us to Source. We will spend a lot of time in this room.

Hiking in Ancient Land

Experience: Group Trust + Self Exploration + Connection to Earth
Catskill Mountains
Here you will have the opportunity to explore the gorgeous grounds of the Catskill Mountains as well as have an social experience with your fellow Soul Rising Retreaters. With a little Earth's magic to guide us.

Bonfire Ceremony

Experience: Ceremony + Night Stars + Enchantment
Menla Grounds
This is when we will have a beautiful night enjoying a fire pit, connection to the sky and the earth. This is a special add on to the Soul Rising Retreat.

Spiritual Shower

Experience: Renewal + Earth's Magic
Catskill Mountains
This is an ancient ceremonial tradition that can only be done by an initiate. This is for Gaia to protect you from spirits that do not serve you.
Many see mermaids in the rivers when they do this ceremony.

Sweat Lodge

Experience: Social Emersion + Body Release
Menla Grounds
A dome shaped hut made with natural materials, used by North American Indians for ritual steam baths as a means of purification. This is a special add on for the Soul Rising Retreat.


Experience: Relaxation + Freedom
Menla Grounds + Outskirts
Through the retreat you will surely be able to have "You Time". This is a perfect opportunity to Explore the 360 acres of Property. You can do the following; Take Naps, Spa Treatments, Play Tennis, Fitness Center, Book Store, Cafe, Swimming, Short Hikes, Go Into Town. This is also a great time to meditate, write in journal, do artist works. (Spa Treatments are per appointment - See Menla's Website- )

☥ One of the activities we will be doing is the Bonfire Ceremony at the Soul Rising Retreat ➼ Experience: Ceremony + Night Stars + Enchantment ★ ☆ ✮ This is when we will have a beautiful night enjoying a fire pit, connection to the starry sky, moon and the earth. Beyond words really. ☽ 

*This is a special add on to the Soul Rising Retreat. ☥

What is Karma And How Does It Work? Karma Doesn't Exist ...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I have started a new youtube series called "Conversations with Abdy". I sit with Abdy and discuss what many people have questions about. This conversation is asking Abdy what is Karma. Abdy says, there is no such thing as karma. Watch and feel it through if this resonates..


Soul Rising Session in Soho

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Last night, before the session began I started to tell everyone that I may speak or even sing during the session (of which I normally don't do). And so with that said, 20-30 minutes into the session I started to sing. Now I have a mediocre singing voice but when I sing in the field of source energy my voice soars to new heights and my soul voice comes through. I sing in tones and in Universal soul language which allows for me to speak to all that attend the session soul to soul. The singing and toning carries the frequencies of the source energy through one's body, ears, vibrating through their soul's and the experience for each person is different. 

I also had other new ascended activations/upgrades for myself during and after this session, with self realizations as well. It's always a beautiful process of transformations and it's not over til it's truly over, long after death of the body. 

There was other sweet synchronicities like my co-creator in our new documentary printed out 22 release forms when he should have printed 30 and I laid at first 16 mats then adding 6 more mats right before I started the session just because I had a feeling more people would trickle in. And they did trickle in, a few 15 min past 7pm, 25 min, and even 1hr later all ending up to be 22 people.  

Those are just some of the "coincidences" that happened that evening.

I will be sharing more about the experiences in my new documentary film called "Absolutely". You can find us on Facebook for now,

As I told everyone at the session and I've said this many times before, "when you connect to source it's like the peeling of the onions, you get through the layers every time you attend a session". Therefore, it's a process that shouldn't end at the spark of connection, it's only the beginning!

Giving the transmission of source energy

                                                               Singing soul language

                                                                    Focused Transmission

                                              My little protege at 4 years old, Fiona.

                          Throwing  "the magic" on everyone, as Fiona would say.