How to Attract a Scorpio Man

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Scorpio's are Water Signs which means they are attracted to sensitive souls.

A Scorpio man wants a woman that will stand by him no matter what, through the good and bad. He's attracted to women who are passive aggressive. He likes sensitive, kind hearted women.

Pay attention to what he likes and dislikes. Never serve him something that he's made explicit to you that he doesn't like. It will be a turnoff to him, because he takes notes in his head what makes you happy or not and he's just looking for the same in return.

He likes to do things for you that have practical sense; give you a car ride home, connect you with people of your interest, make your life easier. They are not very good at giving gifts, because to them it's 'the little things' that count. So don't complain about his gifts because it doesn't register to him that he hasn't done enough.

He looks at the relationship in a big picture. He considers a woman for a long lasting relationship who will make a good partner, friend, wife, and mother. He wants a woman that will grow with him, as he is always trying to learn and grow.

He tends to get very wrapped up with his work, hobbies and projects; but that doesn't mean that he's forgotten you. His goal is to make you happy and proud of him. You will never have to worry about money with a Scorpio, because he will find a way to use his skills and talents to make money and lots of it.

Scorpio guy is a good talker. He loves to socialize and talk to people about his ideas and theories. However, once he gets bored, he is out of there. The same rule goes for when he's involved with a woman. Keep a mystery about you so it will make him want more. If you ask a Scorpio out on a date he finds your confidence sexy, but if you want him to stick around he prefers the chase.

He tends to have a lot of options since his charismatic personality can fetch any girl. Once a Scorpio man ends the relationship because you fell out of his heart, he doesn't look at you the same anymore.

Scorpio man is very sensitive and seeks out a woman that he feels a cosmic connection with. Once he found that cosmic connection he will never stray away.

The best way to sexually turn on a Scorpio is to show him love; how you look at him and what you say to him with loving affection makes him crazy about you.

Scorpio man is attracted to beautiful woman with delicate facial features and a womanly body. He has keen senses so if you smell good you've already caught his attention. He also is attracted to women with nice teeth, hair and nails. Afterall, he's looking for the mother of his children.

A great way to find out if your Scorpio man is in love with you is if he gets jealous. If he isn't jealous he is keeping his feelings and the relationship shallow with you.

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