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Symbol for New Shift in Consciousness

We live in a matrix of symbols on this planet. Humanity recognizes symbols when presented to us with an energetic influence. As a matter of fact there are symbols that have ruled the world in the past for thousand of years throughout the cycles of ages. For each age;

The Serpent (the beginning of life on Earth through)

Swastika (auspicious hope, well being, good luck)

All Seeing Eye/RA (praising the sun god, universal consciousness)

Star of David (six pointed emblem expressing Sacred Geometry, Alchemy)

The Cross (Christed Consciousness and Redemption)

amongst others...

We are living in a time of a new paradigm shift where we will see a new symbol of Consciousness arise. I believe this new symbol will be the Triangle. Which to me symbolizes the Mind, Body and Soul. Which symbolizes, Humanity. Not something above us, or below us. This symbol is in connection to finding the Truth within ourselves, not outside ourselves. All of the secrets and wisdom lay within our own vessels and spirit.

Soul in Control Sacred Mandala- Created by Val Tignini

We will start to see the usage of the "Triangle" more and more used for other types of meanings, like they use the Goddess's name Isis, for the terrorist group, I.S.I.S. Do not be surprised if the system tries to damn this new symbol of consciousness.

This has been my download for over a few years now, but now is the time to share it.

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