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If the Earth was flat...

If the Earth was flat, how would that change your consciousness?

I have traveled with my consciousness outside of the Earth plane and when I traveled, I went to Sirius, which was diamond shaped, not round, but diamond. It also looked 2 dimensional, but as I went closer it became 3D and 5D to 7D inside the diamond shaped star "planet".

On the way back to Earth, Earth also looked 2 dimensional. It was round, but not necessarily sphere like.

Now, to me Sirius felt like a plane of existence, more than a place or "planet". I being there for the first time I could distinguish that it was like a plane. In my blog about this experience, I called it a "place". I also called it a "cosmic doorway" an existential plane in the ethers. A dimensional plane experienced through consciousness.

I know the space programs say otherwise, but we must question everything. 'I still don't know the truth, but I do know this that Sirius felt like a plane of existence and so, why would Earth be different? Then we question, the other parts of Earth that many speak of, but I don't have much connection to, like "Inner Earth".

Here is the excerpt from my blog, "The Symbol of Higher Consciousness"

"I just felt them hold my hands, one on each side guiding me towards this diamond shaped "place" and the color of it was indigo with radiant white, indigo, gold light. It felt to be that I was flying into a star planet, a foreign and magical place waiting to enter the cosmic doorway. The energy was high, clear, and very beautiful. Waiting for me were two other beings to welcome me to their home. I arrived and I see a city of crystal glass buildings, high technology, and I got a very harmonious feeling of existence there."

You can read more here;

Here is a video that might open more questions.

If the Earth was flat, how would that change your consciousness?

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