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Kundalini Awakening to Christ Energy

Photo from June 30th, 2011.

Six years ago this time last year, I was 7 months into my new awareness, my new life. Kundalini shook me up and open. It didn't stop there.

After having my Kundalini awakening I was experiencing Kundalini rising almost everyday for a whole year. My body was recalibrating itself and moving into the fast track of awakening. What I had to see, feel, touch, and know was beyond my imagination, but all so familiar and deep remembrance. Kundalini is a gift to humanity and Earth. As it awoken the Christed Consciousness and Energy inside of me that has turned me back to the real me.

In the living room of my house I saw a projected movie of my life, present future and future of the planet in 3 hours. In the present future I saw that I would be helping Humanity in a big way and all that I activate will be part of this service to humanity.

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