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Secrets and Activation of the Great Pyramid of Giza

The moment I got into Cairo, Egypt I could feel the energy of the place as soon as I stepped foot outside the airport. When I got into the vehicle on our way to the Hotel Giza Meridian I could not keep my eyes open as I was forced to go into alternative states of reality, downloading me with information as to why I along with Abdy and the group were there.

I've received being in Egypt, that Egypt is the center of the world and all energetic codes are transferred from the Great Pyramid through the main meridians of the world. Egyptians believe that the Nile River is the source of life. I believe it gives Egyptians, abundance and new life. This river is like a main energetic vein of the planet. As it sets a trend for where humanity's consciousness is at. All trickles from the Egyptian vortexes into the Earth and the Nile affecting the rest of the world as a whole. 

This was the first night trying to sleep next to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Little did I know what was to come. As we were driving towards the pyramid I was carefully paying attention to our guide Mohammed, as I knew I wanted to stay in my head for this experience as if I moved into the heart, I would not come back into 3D. However,  the divine had other plans.

As we got closer to the pyramid I could feel energy rise through my feet, up my ankles into my legs. Kundalini was activated, and when it got to my knees my body locked and started to vibrate fiercely, my legs moving up and down, my hands in praises, speaking in light language and seeing my connections to this amazing structure. 

I was in tears with the overwhelming feeling of love and connection to the energy of which this sacred structure brings to Earth,  humanity and the cosmos. It's a multifunctional design of genius architecture of which only beings that truly understand this extremely complicated design and also; Earths vortexes, energetic grid lines, cosmic alignment, quantum physics, quantum gateways, and sacred geometry. All of this wisdom was not inherited by humans but rather from beings from the cosmos. Building this structure, not only the physical part, but the exact sacred geometry and so on is virtually impossible to do without highly technical equipment. This was not built by regular men, but rather highly gifted beings of which used super consciousness to create this super conductor.

My feet were pointed and vibrating and my entire body was like a vibrating machine uploading the energetic lines that the pyramid receives. The Pyramid is like a toroid with a light shaft running through it. The light shaft is the connection of the cosmos and the inner Earth connecting and the toroid drips out the light outside of the pyramid. What I felt was like the top of the pyramid is leaking out energy down the sides of the pyramid and onto the land itself. I could feel the energy leaking out creating a electrical grid of powerful energy.  The top of the pyramid being the apex of the energy and the sun god, Ra assisting this. 

I was walked into the pyramid, by two people Alyssa and Christine, without them, I would have never made it in there. As soon as I walked into the pyramid, I was completely grounded. My feet stopped vibrating and I could walk, with a tinge of electrical force running through me. I started to walk into the tunnels and I could feel a great sense of excitement and rememberance. I received that in the past we moved through the tunnels laying down levitating and moving quickly through and up. We didn't start climbing with our feet through the tunnels, only after the descension of humanity.  

Entrance of the Great Pyramid of Giza

When I was in, the rest of the group was already all in there, 80+ people, and about 10 of us were still not in there. As were the the "9th Group", therefore we were the last to go in. I entered the Kings Chamber and I feel the heightened energy in the room as my soul family had started to chant and sing. I scoop up my daughter and walk towards the front of the room. Within the chamber lies granite sarcophagus of which we all took turns to lay in and receive what we needed to receive. I wont say more than this, but working with Abdy and two other people around the sarcophagus to assist the ascension changed me deeply. I walked out as a new person as my ego was completely minimized. What we all did in there together and then Abdy of course, will stay with me lifetime, after lifetime.

 It's taken me to everything and nothing, to everywhere and nowhere. The pyramid is the holiest place on the planet, connecting all humanity and Earth to higher consciousness . It's the mecca of truth in the heavens and on Earth. It's the heart and pulse of the divine fabric of this reality. 

Photos taken after we came out of the Pyramid. I started to vibrate again after I walked out of the pyramid, but I was okay once I was not on the pyramid. It seemed that I had calibrated myself to the energy of this magnificent miracle. 

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