Energetic transmission

This is a collective download for 2019, the year of the divine feminine.

You will be magnetised by this portal opening.

There is a grid that opens up every year and depending on where we are at in our journey, we will have different experiences due to the energy of which the portal brings.


What you will receive:

This transmission is to help you give you clarity, guidance and clear energy from Source to allow for you to have the purest experience possible.
By putting language to what the portal energy brings and energy clearing. It is highly beneficial to have an understanding of the energies that are coming through, so that you may settle into it on a grounded level.


On 11-11-19 is a master number a cosmic portal that is open and can allow for visionary

The 11 energy is an expansion of self and standing tall in the tower of the truth.

11-11 standing for the truth, living and receiving the truth.

11-11 is to start seeing your "dreams" and visions





Pre-order it now and receive it on 11-11-19


The 11-11-19 Tower Portal - Sacred Union recording will be downloaded from Source. You will receive the recording the morning of 11/11/19 NY time.

The audio download will be an 1 hr transmission that includes

Shared experience from 11.11.11

Information about the Portal and what it will bring and transform with you and the collective

What you need to focus on

How to work with the energy

Energetic Source Energy Transmission for Integration and Experience

Pre-order Price $33.


"I am just over the moon as for years I have been searching for this, for people who understand and can truly help. Most healers just don't do much. This was something else, on a truly cosmic scale, pure energy, pure coming from the source of the creation. From your initial scan, I could feel the strength of your field and how it started interacting with my field.

I had three sessions each of them being powerful but different. I sensed how the Source Energy went through my body in each of the session working on my various energy centres, especially on my root chakra and then on my heart. I experienced a powerful clearing on the heart area - I sensed how my whole body released something and after that I felt so expanded - so full of life. I also felt my Crown chakra being cleared and my connection to my guides became more intimate and closer. Seems the distortions between myself and my guides have been removed. My whole life feels different. I am even more intuitive, I can sense energies even more clearly and I feel happier and more light. I feel completely upgraded! WOW!

My own work with my clients has also improved dramatically as a result of Val's sessions. I can feel how the Source Energy is now more with me, I can feel it's presence and how it does it's thing. I sincerely and highly recommend Val's sessions whatever your life situation is." - Lauri Wild, Scotland

"It has now been one week since my long-distance Source Energy session with Val. The difference in my energy between then and now is just incredible! Before we even started the session, I was already having adrenaline rushes and butterflies in my stomach that morning in anticipation of the energy, which I was already beginning to tune into. As soon as the session started, I felt like my body got super heavy and I started laughing lots and moving around. Once that initial rush settled down, I remained in pretty much a trance state for the remainder of the session, and then didn't recall much of what happened during it. However, at the end of the session, when I came fully back, I could feel that lots of energetic work had been done on me. The session was followed by a conversation about what had occurred, and Val informed me that she had worked with my kundalini energy and also helped to remove some energetic blockages from my system, particularly from my sacral chakra. Following the session, I felt a lightness, and a great sense of inner peace. The rest of that day and the following day, I continued to feel the afterglow of the session, but then by the third day, a switch happened and I felt like a complete zombie for a few days! It stayed that way for a few days, until yesterday. I now understand that nothing was wrong to make me feel that way, it was simply my body integrating and assimilating all the major changes that had taken place for me energetically during the session. The fact that I felt that out-of-commission for a few days really just went to show me the depth of the work that had been done on me. Now today, one full week after the session, I feel absolutely on top of the world! It's hard to explain, but it almost feels like I'm relating to time and space in a different way than before. A kind of "cosmic" or "psychedelic" feeling is the only way I can think to describe it! I feel euphoric, very "in flow", and just full of boundless energy. My ability to focus is also greatly improved! My mood is also much more stable than usual. No matter who you are or where you are in life, I cannot recommend Val's long-distance sessions enough! Prepare to be hugely transformed. Prepare to also maybe feel off for a few days after, depending how long it takes your body to assimilate the change. Prepare to maybe feel some changes in appetite or sleep patterns for those few days of integration as well. But once that tough phase passes, you will literally feel like a whole new person, in a way that goes beyond just thoughts, emotions, and personality. The change that takes place really cannot be described in words, it can only be understood through personal experience." - Aaron Nebbia - MA, USA

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