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Blossom Group Sessions with Val

I had a calling to have a group session this summer. I haven't had this calling since 2019. Come join us for a day of light, healing, activation through Christ Consciousness. This is the energy that has awakened me, my gifts, and elevated my vibration to now serve you all.

It will be great for those who are curious about the work, seek energetic alignment as well as opening up for questions about what is going on in your life. *Extra support and knowledge for those who have been activated.


This is a service to the community to extend the energy to more and more beings.

These sessions will help you blossom and align yourself into your purpose. Now is the time. It's a Source Energy Transmission, a communion with God, with Soul.

Come join this in person session that hasn't happened since 2019


August 28th, 2022


1st Session: Sunday afternoon 3 pm-4:15pm


2nd Session: Sunday evening 4:30 pm- 5:45 pm


Fearvana Yoga

604 Boulevard, Kenilworth,

New Jersey 07033





Energy Exchange:

Each session is per donation. Donations are accepted online or cash at the door.

Bring receipts of PayPal at the door on phone or printed out.

Link to give donations


Families are welcomed. Children under 10 are free. 


Save the date in your calendar!


Click on links to learn more about the energy


Valeria has a timeless gift that allows for you to awaken, heal and activate through your soul power. She is a conduit to Source Energy which brings to you connection and also align to your true highest self. This work Valeria does is one that has not been learnt and cannot be taught, but just a deep rememberance from the soul's past life journey. 

You are all welcomed.

Testimonials from Blossom Attendees

"Yesterday was so amazing for me. There really isn't any way to encompass the entire experience with words. One of the first visions I had was of Val giving me the eucharist. I now know what that sacred ritual really means. "The body of Christ." I travelled many dimensions, surrendering to the energy and allowing it to transport me. First, I was reunited with my mother. She snuggled beside me and relished in the scent of my neck. This is precisely what I did the last day she was alive. I smelled her and took in every last bit of her scent. It was incomprehensibly sweet. She was returning the gesture, a love for the body, a devotion to something so beautiful and impermanent. Just like a flower, the body's impermanence is what makes it so beautiful and why we should take in every bit of its scent. That simple act by my mother was the precursor to a great love that awakened inside my body FOR my body. This was a missing piece to my spiritual evolution. What transpired next was nothing short of magical. I felt the kundalini serpent awaken at the bottom of my spine. The energy rose and my entire core and chest was vibrating and ALIVE. The level of bliss and exhilaration this gave me transcends words. I felt free....IN my body for the first time. (I've touched this liberation outside of my body in the past). From my vibrating chest, sounds began to emanate, a secret language. Each dimension that I visited revealed a different tone in voice. It ranged from a deeper tone, an older wiser source, to a higher-pitched singing from an angelic realm, and finally to the voice of a playful, delighted child that was relishing in her purity and innocence. Can you imagine the joy? When I touched this part of me that was a child, I understood my son more. He has a language delay and I understood why he's in no hurry to restrict himself to our language or ways of communicating. My God, I felt how liberated and ecstatic it is to not be confined to language. This morning, instead of pushing words on him, we simply exchanged the sounds of our soul and his eyes lit up. This morning he knew he had a new mommy. smile emoticon I'm free...inside of this body. I love you Valeria, forever and ever. AMEN" - Fatima

"Everyday something beautiful happening inside/outside. I cannot express my gratitude to the Universe for bringing you as a awaken-er. You have awakened something great in me, I falling un to whole Humanity and beyond especially your Blossom on May 22, 2016.This event raised my vibration so high and my heart chakra wide open in addition to all chakra vibrating at the optimum level. My connection to the Universe is becoming strong everyday. Thank you, Val. I love so much. Always in deep love & gratitude!" - Suhail

"Hello Everyone! I am so happy I found you! Vals Blossom sessions have truly opened me up and changed my life and I've so far attended two events... I feel I am internally glowing and attracting more magic into my life in new ways! My first time was a massive blessing. During my first meditation, I fully embraced my life here on this planet and accepted who I am and what I am called to create. Honestly I saw my life flash before my eyes and I laughed at the entire thing, pain, trauma, and all! Im pretty sure I became a new person after that.....Soon after I went to visit my family after a year of being apart and not speaking to my father. I reconciled with my entire family and now my dad and I are speaking again and I've let go of all the past hurt! This is just a little glimmer of some of the beauty that has been flowing through me. I am grateful my body led me to all of you. Thank you Val I really look forward to the next session and I hope to bring a friend. Im flowing in love & gratitude. " - Farrah

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