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This retreat is dedicated to my daughter

Mary Magdalene Christed Lineage Retreat

Mary Magdalene- Christed Lineage Retreat

April 18th- April 24th or (27th) 2019

Staying at Villa at Blue Coast in Provence, Marseille, France

Journeying throughout South of France

About The Event


Hello and Welcome! Explore the steps of the Holy Family, while receiving a transmission of Source Energy.


This Retreat is an Ode to the Truth of the Christed Lineage through Mary Magdalene, Saint Sarah, Martha, Lazarus, Jesus and more.


We will be walking a sacred pilgrimage of where Mary Magdalene herself journeyed to save the child of Yeshua and to preserve the truths of his teachings, the sacred feminine, and the Christed lineage. I have been downloaded with sacred truths of the Holy Family ever since the Kundalini awakening on December 12, 2010 (Abdy Session). We will be touring South of France all together to these Sacred places, to receive the energy of the sacred family, while learning the truth of this lineage.


Dates are Catholic Holy Week in France from April 18-24th, 2019. Therefore, we will be able to experience the celebration of Easter in the Sacred Towns of the Holy Family.


We will be staying at a Provencal style house, 10-12 people. It's a comfortable, atypical French charming villa in the heart of the Blue Coast in Provence, between the Camargue and Marseille. The landscape is in a private and reassured area of peace and tranquility, with a beautiful sea view from the living room and the large terraces. Sea view at sunset for unforgettable evenings on a hammock or chairs. 


There are comfortable, warm and delicately decorated 5 bedrooms customized, a loft.

It has a complete electronic equipment; 2 TV's, wireless internet access, wifi/broadband, free telephone, washer/dryer, blow dryer. There is No Smoking in the house. 


I will be preparing a Family Style french breakfast and vegetarian/vegan dinners in the evening. (dietary restrictions considered)


Check-in time is 3PM- 5PM

Check out by 10AM


Children are welcomed.

Couples are welcomed.

Friends are welcomed.

Mother, daughter welcomed.


Bedrooms Setup: (please contact me if there is a preference)

  1. King Size (shared for 2)

  2. Queen Bed (shared for 2)

  3. Queen Bed (shared for 2)

  4. Queen Bed (shared for 2)

  5. 3 Twin Beds (1 Single, 1 Bunkbed)

  6. Double Bed + 2 Single Beds


Tuition Includes:

  • Immersion in Source Energy with Val.

  • House on the Sea of 6 nights, 7 Days of accommodations April 18-24 (Checkin 3 pm- Checkout before 10 am)

  • Basic groceries for the house - (Dietary restrictions considered)

  • French breakfast at home only

  • Dinner at home only

  • Personal van/bus with driver

  • Guided tours to sacred known locations and secret locations with Val

  • Entry fees of the boat ride and on a city tour

  • Mary Magdalene Holy Oil made by Val to take home with you

  • Pick up from airport and drop-off


Excursions Details:

(details of the day are in the contract once one is registered)


April 18 -

Visit Marseille the town of Mary Magdalene's brother Lazarus church resides where he became Bishop.


April 19-

We will go on a boat ride to the town of Sainte Marie de Mere. It's named after Marie de Magdala (Mary Magdalene) because it's where she and her siblings, along with her daughter traveled by boat from Israel and settled to go into hiding from the Romans and Jews. We will also visit the church where the famous statue of Marie and Jesus daughter is kept alive.


April 20-

We will visit the Basilica where Mary Magdalene skull is kept in a town on the coast of the french riviera. We will also explore the beach here and have lunch out, go to a village in Aix in Provence.


April 21-

We will visit the village center to experience local Easter Ceremony.


April 22-

We will go to where Mary Magdalene use to have her secret initiations into the Holy Spirit. We will also have the Spiritual Shower at this location and relive how Mary Magdalene use to initiate the people. We will also experience the hot springs here and the local village.


April 23-

We will visit the cave where Mary Magdalene spent her last years in samadhi and ascended there as well. We will also visit the town of Arle.


April 24-

Drop-off to the airport.


April 24th Wednesday -April 27th Saturday

Leave Villa for Airport in Marseille- Some will go home and some will stay

Pick up a rental car and travel up the countryside of Aix en Provence to Burgundy, France.

We will have several stops before we arrive at the Magnificent Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene in Vézelay, France aka Vezelay Abbey. It is about a 6-hours drive from the airport. We will stop at some recognized villages such as Avignon, Valence, Lyon, Berzé-la-Ville, and other stops on the way to the Vezelay Abbey enjoying the deep countryside of France where Mary, Yeshua, and his Family once traveled. Depending on how many we are, I will organize hotels on the way up according to availability (NOTE: it is possible to share a room which will decrease tuition). On the way back, we will have one stop for lunch and then back to the airport on the 27th. Please book evening flights on the way back. This part of the retreat is an add-on as it is quite important we go to this vortex. The energy will build up as it will become a pilgrimage to travel up and you will feel/see the sacred place when we arrive.


Gifts included:

1. There will be a holy initiation

2. Ancient wisdom of shared excerpts from my channeled book "The Book of Mary"

3. Magdalene Holy Oil 

4. Art Print of my original commissioned painting of Mary Magdalene


last retreat in Italy 2017

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