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These cards are inspired through the sacred mandala, "Soul in Control". Some of you have experiences where you can hear the mandala speak to you when you are in meditation or prayer with it. However, some of you have a difficult time hearing it. Therefore, I created Oracle Cards blessed by the Mandala in the back of each card so that you may recieve the most aligned response to your question. The energy is to activate your soul's power and shown through the cards. Each deck is blessed with source through Val. 


About the Deck

In this deck there are 51 cards. Each card has an answer to your question directly from your Soul.



Ask a question with holding the deck of cards in your hand. Shuffle the cards and then blow on top of the deck. Call in your Higher-Self aka Soul to relay the answer to your question through the cards. You may say this, “I call in the light of my higher-self, my soul, to bring in the highest truth to my question, so that I may find clarity and answers to move forward empowered in a space of love.

Choose 1 card to answer your question. You may choose more than 1 card, but not more than 3.  You will notice that each card has a number. If you choose one card = use the card’s number to look up the meaning of the number. First what it means to you personally or the the person you are doing a reading for. Secondly, find our E-Book and download the Number Meanings of the cards.



Valeria Tignini is a Source Energy worker that allows deep healing and activation through this energy for others. She knows the power of one’s soul and how one can receive answers from it when needing guidance. Some of us are not able to hear or see the signs from our soul yet, and so this is a tool to access Soul Wisdom clearly. Some of you may already hear or see signs, but use the cards for confirmation. Each card will allow the answer to bring clarity around the question. Valeria is determined to awaken people to their soul level so that they can co-create with the divine.  The designs and oracle writings are channeled through Valeria.


Graphic Designer: Grey Star Design.

Soul in Control Oracle Cards

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$15.00Sale Price
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