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The Work

Val Tignini's Sessions

"Each time you come to a session is like the peeling of the onion .. you are the onion."-Val


This an an energetic ancient gift of which Val says, "I become an instrument to bring up the God field of energy". It's a source energy transmission which is anchored in the soul. This is not a learnt modality, nor is it a practiced one. The work is simply a rememberance from the past that has been done from several if not all lifetimes working with source perhaps in different ways. This is what Val considers an activation to the light within, an unbreakable connection.


Val works with Source Energy and this creates a "light shower" which allows one's soul to awaken to a new level of experience. During the session Val brings up the divine field of energy so that your soul can awaken and experience a higher level of consciousness. Once awakened, it's a journey of soul revelations and ever-evolving divine experiences. This gift of awakening you to your divine connection leads to an increased awareness of universal truths, self knowing, inner peace and wonderful miracles in your life.   

You each have your own unique experience.

You may experience;


Physical healing

Mental healing

Activation of higher-self

Releasing of patterns and blocks
Heart opening

Third eye activation

Pain-body releases

Releasing of unwanted entities
Inner peace
Communications from divine beings
Recalibration to higher frequency

Past lives visions

Future lives visions

Speaking in tongues/soul language
Upgrade in DNA
Experience the angelic realm and higher
Soul rising
Soul awakening

and so much more...

This energy also advances Healers, Psychics, Yoginis, and anyone who wishes to deepen their meditation.


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