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Blossom Online

21  Day Mobile Online Guidance for Living in Higher Consciousness Through Learning and Feeling Earth's Healing Secrets Infused with Christo Sophia Wisdom

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Have access to the Wisdom

right from wherever you are,

with no commitment to be anywhere at anytime

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Designed to Guide and Support your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Evolution

This allows you to be able to live through soul wisdom, experience healing, and go through higher states of consciousness​. *Some of you will be activated into the Holy Spirit aka Source Energy.

Let's have a fresh start!

What is Blossom Online?


Thank you for your commitment to Blossom Online this coming September.


I am excited to see what September 1st to September 21st of 2021 will bring.  Each day will revolve around your healing, activation, Universal truths, the essence of the Christ's Consciousness, and ancient wisdom connected to Earth's Secrets.


This Blossom Online will be focusing on the healing qualities of the Earth. It will be a reconnection to Mama Earth, her place in the Universe, and how she interacts with humans. The transmissions are hand-crafted daily based on the unique energy of the group by myself.  I will carefully receive downloads from Source as to what to transmit;  information, energy, healing. To most of you, the information may be new. However,  if you are keen on studying the Earth, the transmissions do not promise new information. However, it will promise to deliver sacred energy and a new way of perceiving the information in each transmission.



This is for you if you are ;

  1. In the process of finding yourself

  2. Wanting to know the esoteric truths

  3. Looking for inner wound healing

  4. Learning about the magic of Earth and her capabilities

  5. Wanting to go through a rebirthing process 

  6. Relearning the her-story of Earth

  7.  Diving deep into the Shamans of the World

  8. Looking for a group dynamic and discussion

  9. Healing with like-hearted souls

  10.  Wanting to activate Source Energy within yourself

  11. Learning new dimensions of yourself

  12.  Learning about the dimensional realities

  13. Transforming your energy body

  14.  Being in touch with Source Energy for 21+ days

  15. Possibly meeting Soul family (unique and common to Blossom Online)

  16. Healing as you have never had before

  17. Feeling energy daily

  18. Looking to clear out old programs and conditioning

  19. Looking to detox and reform yourself

  20. Wanting to be heart-centered

  21.  Wanting to refocus on your healing process

  22. Connecting to Mother Earth's Energy and Vortexes

  23. Learning about Sacred Geometry

  24. Shared playful, intimate, and even humorous moments

  25.  Learning about spiritual practices

  26. Connection to other extraterrestrial beings

  27.  Christ Consciousness and much more.


Through these teachings, you will feel a reconnection with your higher self as truth activates and purifies you down to your DNA. 

Love, Valeria Marie


Video to be posted

Val has been receiving downloads directly from Source, Yeshua (Jesus Christ), other high beings, and Mother Earth since 2010. Her wisdom and downloads around these truths are so profound, but so much of what she teaches you can find in other texts from other connected beings. However, the energy through the teachings that Val emmits is completely sacred and holy. Trust that this is not a course for the mind, but a deeply spiritual enlightening 21 day period of time.


The holy spirit, shekinah lives within Val since her awakening on 12/12/10, and her ability to transmit this pure frequency is difficult to put into words. The energy is limitless in the form that she uses to transmit them, so through words, a look, a hug, or proper healing you will receive what you need through God's will.


· Boost to your spiritual awakening process ·


· Understanding timely universal truths

The most affordable and convenient way to receive Val's Source Energy Work.

A magical vortex of energy on your phone that makes you feel safe and allows for deep transformation. You go into as one person and leave as someone new in a super positive way.

Mobile Online Program - right from wherever you are with no commitment to be anywhere at anytime!

Weekly downloads of information

Transmissions of source energy

Questions and answers directly from you

Formatted group discussions

Describing what is happening to people in the awakening process

Elevating your consciousness

Support, support, and more support

During 21 magical days


**+ 6 extra days of chatting and healing in the group

Starts on September 1st

til September 21st, 2021


$122 for 21 days (15 spots only)

$166 for 21 days

Or take advantage of the VIP Package:

21 days with Val and attendees + a highly discounted private reading with Val via email for only


($88 Discount)

Each day's transmission is guided by

What is happening with you personally

What is happening in the collective group

What is happening in the world and universally

Wisdom teachings on the processes of consciousness

Download for the day

The types of media to expect on your phone for 21 days

Text Messages


Short Videos

What you are going to need

Computer-Desktop/Laptop for accessing emails

Smart Phone with Telegram App

Why is Val doing this program?

Valeria Tignini will be traveling the world to do the work internationally. Therefore, she really wants the ability to touch as many people as she can during this trying time of the planet.

Val had a kundalini awakening in 2010 and went through the awakening symptoms afterwards. It was a fast process, but she can relate to most people who are on the path of awakening. She understands the pressures and processes and wants to bring healing and wisdom to it.

She has the ability to tap into people's fields of the present, past and future. She can see what is there for you and the information, that allows for their soul healing to process faster and transcend all that doesn't serve you anymore.

Val knows that all is a divine blessing and she is here to elevate humanity as we are in a time of which it calls for.



Blossom Online

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21 days with Val and attendees

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expires July 1st, 2021



Spaces are limited.

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Blossom Online

21 days with Val and attendees 
Early Bird Offer



Blossom Online VIP

21 days with Val and attendees + an extreamly discounted private reading with Val via Email


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