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22 Day Mobile Online Guidance for Living in Higher Consciousness & Learning Magdalene Codes

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Hello and Welcome to Blossom Online!

Very Important

Please answer this form (even if you are a Blossom Senior) 

Thank you for your commitment to Blossom Online this coming month. I am excited to see what the December 1st to the 22nd of 2019 will bring. We have added 7 days to Blossom Online and this time we are incubating it into Magdalene Tribe and will be based around Magdalene Codes. Each day will revolve around your healing, activation, galactic truths, and the essence of the Christ Consciousness and ancient wisdom that is connected to Mary Magdalene, Christ, and the Christed Family.


The Magdalene Codes are more prevalent now more than ever as we are integrating the balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine into our own selves and also into reality as we know it. This is a game-changer for you. You will receive more clarity around your beliefs and morality more than ever so that you may be aligned with what it is that you long for in your heart.


This is for people who are in the process of finding themselves,  wanting to know the esoteric truths, looking for inner wound healing, learning about sacred relationships, relearning the history and herstory of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua,  finally, connected to Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, and Christ Consciousness and much more.


Through these teachings, you will feel a reconnection with your higher self, as truth activates and purifies you down to your DNA. 


Val has been receiving downloads directly from Source and Yeshua since 2010 in regards to this. Her wisdom and downloads around these truths are so profound that some of it have never been spoken before, but so much of what she teaches you can find it in lost gospels, gnostic texts and even in channelings from other connected beings.  Trust that this is not a religious course, but a deeply spiritual enlightening one.


The holy spirit, shekinah lives within Val since her awakening on 12/12/10 and her ability to transmit this pure frequency is difficult to put into words. The energy is limitless in the form that she uses to transmit them, so through words, a look, a hug, or proper healing you will receive what you need through God's will. 

This may be your first time with us or your 10th time joining in on this Blossom journey of transformation. The key is that it doesn’t matter if this is your first or many times, it’s an opportunity for you to heal and integrate what is needed for this time. 

You will receive an email the morning (New York Time) of December 1st with instructions to 

  1. Download Whatsapp

  2. Create an account on Whatsapp

  3. Two groups will be created; 1. Transmission Group- where only posts from myself will appear 2. Chat Group- Where we get to discuss, share and commune during the daily transmissions

  4. Then as people will join you will wait until I send the first transmission with the rules and regulations

The energy of Blossom begins for some people as soon as they register and others as soon as the first of the month.

It’s a magical place to be. But while you wait for the 1st, please join “Pure Life Resonance Group” on Facebook so that you may acquaint yourself with past Blossom Onliners and people who have done private sessions with me and attended my other workshops, retreats and group sessions. This is a good place to ask questions and share.

The more you Surrender to Blossom, the more you will receive through Source and myself. 

I am looking forward to seeing you in December.

Love always,


Groups and Regulations

This would be the group rules and regulations:

Please read these carefully;


Group: Rules & Regulations"


1) This group is for discussion on "CHAT- BLOSSOM only. Please discuss on the subject on what the daily transmission is given only, with other participants respectfully.  The transmissions will be given in the "TRANSMISSIONS- BLOSSOM" Group. There is not chatting in that group. 


2) Please DO NOT CLUTTER unnecessarily this group with advertisements of any kind, images off the internet, random photos if not connected to the transmission, irrelevant or forwarded messages, to maintain the sanctity of this space.


3) All lessons are coming from Val Tignini that are original writings. Please do NOT forward or copy material to anyone during this time. Let the information soak in.


5) All participants are requested to focus on learning and enrich the lives of others with deeper insights of life and living using the sacred knowledge and energetic transmissions.




Make the most of connecting to the group.

+ Do not connect or send messages to people you do not know unless you have a special reason to do so. Ask the person in the group first and then you can email them.


+ Do not share any of people's information with others. This is a sacred space.


+ Do not send photos or videos to others in the group, try to keep all communications via "Blossom CHAT" group.


Your Profile + Phone


+ We would love to see an appropriate picture of you and name in your profile 


+ You will receive many Audios and Videos, specially created by Val.  See that you have sufficient memory available on your mobile. Please remove the media that doesn't serve you from your mobile to welcome useful learning material. 




The character of any society is measured by two criteria: what its members do, and what they do not do. The Community provides Blossom Online members a place to gather and have a place for trusted information and sanctity. It’s a platform for illuminating, insightful, and instructive conversation. To uphold the value of our community and to secure the rights of all members to enjoy The Community, here are a few guidelines:




This group is for discussion on Blossom Online only. Please discuss the subject of “Blossom CHAT” only, with other participants respectfully. 


+ Be sure to speak of the topic at hand only.


+ Be sure to keep any commentary short.


+ We should all limit ourselves to using English only.


+ Members should author with sincerity 


+ You should not use all caps, excessive punctuation or exaggerated typography ValSecrets disapproves of rude, frivolous or inflammatory language.


+ Hate, racism, intolerance, slander and vulgarity have no place here.


+ Pornographic or overtly sexual discussions are not acceptable.


+ Let’s all refrain from gossip, putdowns or any negativity 


Respect for other members 


+ It’s not always easy, but we must respect the right to express opposing opinions.


+ Please, let’s not attack another member's.


+ Respect the intent of posters; don’t indulge in mocking or irrelevant one-liners. 


Take personal issues or disagreements off the Community.


+ The Community is not the place to announce that you’re drunk, bored or lonely.


+ Members should not draw frivolous attention to themselves or post comments about specific members.


+ The Community is not for commercial sales, promotions, or job posting.


Copyrighted Material 


For legal and ethical reasons, text from third-party sources such as other websites or printed publications cannot be posted (e.g. cut and paste) on the Community, unless the member owns the material's copyright. All lessons are coming from Valeria Tignini. Please do NOT forward this copyrighted material to anyone


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