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Free ValSecrets Membership 

for a Selected Community

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ValSecrets      Membership 

Why become a ValSecrets Member?

There is a sincerity and commitment to yourself on this path and the integration to the work and guidance that I am connected to and so are you.


ValSecrets has lots of events, programs, and retreats that happen monthly or annually. Being a Member you will receive a discount to these. 

In Depth Newsletters

Newsletters that will include a personal touch and allow to create a open communication in this community.

First Priority

ValSecrets has a following on Social Media and Subscribers, but to be a Member allows for you to receive priority of any news about anything first.


ValSecrets' community has grown in a natural and authentic way, through love, support and connection. Now you can have a private forum here on without going onto Social Media. This is a connection to the Blossom Family and those who are aligned with peaceful sharing.

Requirements to Enter The Trusted Circle

ValSecrets Membership is designed for people who have been "in touch" with their soul alignment. 

The  requirements to join are:

1. You must have a private session with me

2. You must be part of Blossom Online, Blossom Live, or a one of my retreats

3. You must be aligned with integrity, responsibility and respect for others

4. Open mind and heart

Apply to be Part of the FREE Membership

Let me know if you fulfill the requirements above, remind me when with dates. Make sure you submit the email address you want to use for the membership.

Thanks! Message sent.

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