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I am returning to do service, but not the way I was in the past. It will be sparse group sessions and online conferences.  I will no longer do private sessions at this time.

love & sincerity,


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You can review Valeria's healing work from the past on Instagram or Youtube. 

Also, take her online pre-recorded course, "Myrrophore Course" or purchase her online book, "Blossom Mini"


You can also ask to join on the online platform Telegram,

Pure Life Resonance Community or the Magdalene Tribe .

Latest Updates

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Magdalene Codes Podcast

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Valeria activates and energizes classrooms, athletic teams, corporate teams, festival attendees, and more. 

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Valeria has choosen Telegram as a neutral platform. It's an all-year-round online community for people who are having a spiritual awakening which may include;  Kundalini Awakening, Awakening of the veil being lifted, Energy awakening, & so much more.

What they say about her Pre-Awakening

“Valeria Tignini: Renaissance model, actress, writer, blogger, and founder of You just do not expect women this beautiful to be that talented, soulful, intelligent, or to be that nice to everyone. Val is just REAL.” - ‘The List’ of NYC’s Top Women


"The bottom line is that Valeria Tignini has a very giving spirit and gives in every way that she possibly can, and because of this character trait, thousands of people are positively affected and will continue to sparkle because of Valeria's shine" - Genesis Magazine

 "I remember when you were at Philips Medical, the CTO told me that ever since you joined, the team stopped fighting."-  Dave Kim

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