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The Source School

School of Liberation and Healing

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

2019 has been a rise of energy that is called for the  Christ Consciousness more than ever. We have reached the time and age where we will be embodying this consciousness throughout this life. I, Valeria have been initiated into this energy through the Holy Spirit, aka Source Energy. I have embodied the Magdalene Codes and the time calls for the Christos within us to emerge. We do not need a certification for Source to accept us what we embody and are, but the system is requiring this from us healers more and more.


There is much to embark on as we start to calibrate and becoming officiates of this harnessed energy as it is called for to keep ourselves safe as we share it with others in the system matrix. As we move through the years our integrity and energy will speak for itself, but at this time there will be certifications that are needed to ensure our security and the work that we do. With this comes a trial of schooling to train the mind into mindfulness and self-liberation of the conditioned ego, train the body, and lastly give the guidance and energetic support to create a sustainable practice. I have been told to call this the "Golden Light Activation". 

Please know that everyone will be at different levels of certification as Source serves us with different gifts.


I am happy to announce that I will be certifying people in Japan in May of 2019 and will be doing the same in all other parts of the world. If you are interested in being certified as a Healer please inquire here.


With love,


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