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Testimonials from Energy Work with Val:

"I wanted to check in and thank you for our wonderful session last week. I felt a big shift in my energy field - particularly in my heart. It's been a challenging time for me recently, and I can't tell you how amazing it felt to connect with you in this way. I'm so glad that my mom (Kelly) followed her guidance to pass along your information to me. Your presence, and the soul family energy that surrounds you, feels like home to me - and I feel immense gratitude for having this opportunity to connect with this brilliant, loving energy that you are helping to anchor at this time. So, truly, from my heart to yours... Thank you. Many things are shifting in my world at the moment, and I'm not quite sure where the divine will be leading me in the next few months... But I hold in my heart the intention to reconnect with an even stronger wave of soul family this year. And I do feel drawn to attend your retreat at Menla in June... We'll see if it's in the flow " Jenna - Colorado, USA (29 years old)


"so much freedom! amazing, no longer trapped in my mind and internal debate!" Lina- Cartegna, Colombia (36 years old)


 "I feel very very refreshed and had a kundalini feeling in my sacrum. thank you Vale for everything you do for me. I am really really grateful" Aryan - Italy (35 years old)



"How can I ever Thank You for such a Profoundly Beautiful Experience ? I've never experience anything like this. My whole body shifted.It literally moved me from left to right several times. I saw my third eye opening and closing and then finally opening so wide and the same with my crown chakra.. I felt activations in each and every one of my chakras. I experienced what I suspect to be the most amazing Kundalini Awakening . I felt the sacred snake slide in between my spine as each chakra busted open and released all of what was no longer serving me .. I felt my whole body levitating as I was held and lifted up to Heaven. I saw Jesus… I was surrounded by Angels and such an expansive field of love and bright light . I felt so welcomed to be back HOME … The tears are still flowing down my face as I am typing this.. I felt tremendous power coming from my hands, ""My Healing Hands as I was told... … Beautiful mudras filled with love from my heart took flight as I felt my hands move with such beauty and grace from above. I had many visitors come by to visit… I felt the prescence of Mother Mary .. her love enveloped me……As I heard " I love You My Dear Child"… This feeling will stay with me Always !!! Thank You Val for this most Beautiful, Loving, Profoundly Enlightening Experience. I Love You and am so very Blessed to Have you IN my LIfe My Sister. Diana <3<3<3"


Diana - Florida, USA (42 years old)



"Thank you again for this incredible session with me.
Thank you for having enough love to embraces us all and taking us home, taking us to the source.
I will always remember the transformation process you offered me as a gift.
Please know that I am here to assist you with thing you ever need.
I feel tremendous love and appreciation for you and everything you do for humanity.
My transformation is a proof of your great powers and the infinite powers of the source and i will carry it until I die on this earth plane and go back to my true, pure self which is love.
I am very high on love and goodness right now.
Peace, love, acceptance, and appreciation for you always. " Tomek- California, USA - (36 years old)



"I need to share this.... last night I woke up twice and while I was waking up in my head I saw Jesus or Jesus like figure with light glowing around him. He was greeting me with one had over his heart and extending it to me. He looked so beautiful." - Tomek - California,USA (36 years old)


What a serendipitous experience right from the start! Meeting friends that would become my soul family was just the beginning, and I had no idea what I was in for. I arrived to Val's workshop at a very low time in my life. I was worn out , utterly exhausted from life. I had just been given terrible news from an MRI scan of the brain, which showed a brain tumor near my ear. An Acoustic Neuroma is particularly dangerous as it is between some important nerves that govern hearing, seeing, breathing, movement. Being 36 years young with 2 toddlers to care for I knew this could not be the end for me. After receiving the news my husband gave me the day to myself and I was drawn to Val's workshop. She has such a beautiful loving presence that emanates truth with grace. I had an extraordinary encounter with God where I felt white light pouring into my head straight from above for about 20 minutes, and electricity going through my whole body. I am familiar with Christ energy and knew immediately that this was the real thing. Val then kissed my head and I had a sense of peace overtake me and I knew all would be alright. A week later I insisted on another MRI before meeting with the surgeon. It showed the tumor was no longer there, to the surprise of the radiologists and doctors!! A true miracle. And our biggest miracle was also conceived on this night- we are now expecting a baby boy. - Alissa Vasquez  from New Jersey

Where do I begin? I first crossed paths with Val in July 2013. I was at an Abdy event and observed her having a very strong reaction to the energy he was channeling. I was a bit bewildered, perhaps even a bit skeptical, but intrigued. I continued to feel a pull towards her without any explanation. I’ve experienced these odd, mystical pulls to people only a couple of times in my life. Once, it led to the person who would introduce me to my profession (a girl named Erin Hart leading me to heart surgery) and the other time led me to my husband. (Whose last name, when pronounced, means “yes, I will go to the light” in my language). These pulls make no sense, but I’ve learned to trust them. After my awakening in 2009, I’ve sought out healers and such. I’ve resonated with some, but mostly the journey has taught me discernment, how to feel who is authentic and serving the Light.  I began following Val’s page and couldn’t shake the feeling that I had something to learn from her. This feeling grew stronger as I began to experience synchronicities with what she would share. Her openness and courage to share with us, makes this all possible. I eventually reached out to her because one synchronicity was too strong to ignore. After connecting with Val, attending her sessions (group and private), I can now piece together why I initially experienced such a powerful, magnetic pull. My journey has taken a quantum leap in the past several months. I’ve had glimpses of past lives. I’m more in tune with my body and the flow of energies. I’m having profound visions that further heal me and bring me to wholeness and insight. I often see Val in dreams and even a vision recently. She is always lifting me higher, empowering me. I am always left feeling lighter and more blissful. For me, I know that Val plays a key role in my ascension. For others, there is one thing I can attest to. She is pure of heart and honest, a pure conduit. This is major when it comes to seeking a healer. Take her hand. You will soar. ~ Fatima from New Jersey


My sister went to a temple yesterday and the moment she entered the main gate to the temple she had a vision of you and Abdy. You both merged with her and then she had this amazing connection with Maa. Where she can't stop crying and yet is not crying. They both communicate with each other. But the amazing thing is that she doesn't know who Abdy is and has only seen his picture on your insta long time ago and have never met you. And the temple she went to is in a backward village and not many people know of it. This temple maa had come to her in her dreams a couple of years ago and asked her to visit her and from that day onwards she started on this amazing journey. ~ from India


I haven’t known Val for too long but there is a connection that the physical world cannot explain. I met Val through her daughter Anastasia at one of Abdy’s events. For whatever reason, I just felt really drawn to connect with her. Working with light has definitely shaken my reality in ways that have taught me lessons that I don’t know I could have encountered without healing from within. Val has helped create that space for me in our group sessions. I have attended the her light sessions as much as possible. Just like Abdy, she is able to anchor pure Source/love/divine energy into the people she activates. In my experience, Val’s energy is just loving like unconditional love - no bias/judgement - just truth. No ego or self-centered feeling that I can sense. For the all the healing that has occurred, is occurring, and will occur, thank you Val with so much love.  P.S. - I come from a chemistry background and pure source surpasses any science I have ever learned and practiced wink emoticon ~Stephanie from New York


Words don’t do justice to these experiences. Energy work is a new concept to many as it was for me when I first experienced it. I use the word EXPERIENCE because energy is not a concept that you can't really understand with your intellect until and unless you have experienced it personally in your own body. Val has unlocked a gift that allows her to be an anchor and transmitter of divine energy. Divine energy is pure energy which clears any negativity it comes into contact with. The first time I felt her energy transmission it was through watching her Youtube vlogs. I immediately felt the energy in my own body start to rise and travel and I also cried because I instantly felt a soul to soul connection. It is truly a space that words can not describe. Well lucky for me Val lives in NY so it makes it easier for me to attend her events and spend time with her. Her events are energy transmissions which allow for you to experience higher levels of consciousness. Each time you experience something new and stronger. Val is also a perfect mentor as she is highly intuitive. And again, this is all about feeling and not using your mind and intellect too much.Everyone should attend her events. If you are reading this, your soul has brought you to it. Be silent, and listen. ~ Ramlah From New York


I'm writing to you to let you know how much I love all the work you are doing on the internet, and of course your gift. I love the interviews with Abdy and I have just finished watching you being interviewed by Karl Fink. I closed my eyes and while sitting in my lounge chair, and felt different chackras buzzing, just like being in an Abdy session. I first went to an Abdy evening many years ago, not knowing who or what he did, but just was so drawn to his beautiful face and energy from a photo advertising his visit. Nothing was going to stop me as this man was family, I just knew, soul family. I just wanted to let you know that, well mainly thank you so so much, for sharing everything that you do with this beautiful gift and your knowledge, just your work, thank you. I almost forgot to mention that another reason I'm writing to you is that at one of the Abdy sessions while he was doing his work, I noticed two very tall beings next to him. They were white, and so tall, they anchor the christ energy!! I couldnt believe it when this was mentioned in the interview with Karl Fink!! Sending you so much love, Val, Thank you again." ~ Ritsa from Adelaide, South Australia


I contacted Valeria because I had a block in my heart chakra for over two years. Many healers confirmed that it existed but none could really make a difference. I felt a connection with Val right away. I knew that she was the "real deal." I relaxed into the Skype session and trusted in the process. She is a great listener and has a very strong intuition. I knew I was in great hands. In the ensuing month, I had a huge change! My heart is now wide open and all those I come in contact with at that level remark on it. I even found myself with tears of joy and bliss on my usual walk in nature - that's never happened before! Thanks Val! ~ Tim from Tulum, Mexico


I am constantly seeking new methods of self -healing. So when I saw the invite for the Soul Rising Session I jumped on it. Not fully knowing what I was getting into, once there I felt it immediately. There was a calming, yet invigorating sensation. This has allowed me to experience spirituality in a new, more complete way. I discovered peace, insight, and energy that I did not know I possessed. As I laid on the floor emotions flowed, I released tears and felt joy. I had never felt such a release, such a sensation, such a feeling.There is a Dalai Lama quote about us westerners working so hard to develop the mind… when it is the development of the heart that is needed to take us through this next space in time… Time is speeding up all around us and we need tools. Val helps to provide those tools. She is so kind and her voice is soothing and engaging. I appreciated the explanations given by Val at the end of the session on what certain feelings meant. Thank you for the experience and looking forward to the next. Endless love and light." - Lanie from NJ


"That was an amazing Dreamtime Transmission!! I now feel thoroughly rejuvenated and flowing in polarity. I love our time and feelings together." -Darren, New York


My husband and I decided to take a trip to NYC from Canada for our first anniversary. I decided to send Val a message to see if she was holding an event that weekend. She was so gracious enough to organize something just for our arrival. Experiencing Val online is nothing compared meeting her in person. She has such a graceful presence and makes you feel truly accepted. I went into the session with an open heart and mind. I kept telling myself over again that this was my own experience. Once the session began, Val placed her hands over my eyes; my heart began to face and I willingly felt back into her partners arms. As I laid on the floor an emotion of joy, happiness and love overtook me and I let whatever was to be happen. As the emotions built, I released tears of joy and sobbed. My whole body was overtook by an energy that moved like a wave from my toes to the top of my head. I shook and trembled uncontrollably and I feel I released a lot of the past and integrated into my future. This wave of energy seemed to have lasted quite awhile. Once I stared to settle, Val then came and placed her hands on the bottom of my feet, on my solar plexus and on the top of my head. Once she was done the energy rose again, this time it seemed to find and stay at the top of my head. It literally felt like my brain was dancing and pulsing, it was a wonderful blissful sensation. After the session, my body was still trembling and the wave continued to rock me side to side. I still feel this sensation slightly when I mediate at home. Meeting Val and feeling her energy and soul was honestly the most profound experience I have ever had spiritually. I am so grateful to have met her and I cannot wait to be in the light of her aura again! Trisha Reilly, Canada


At the overnight energy transmission session with Val I had some expectations, however, I received something different and even more beautiful than what I imagined. Through the activities I received information on areas of my life that I had to work on; areas that I had neglected and didn't even think they were holding me back. During the evening sleeping session I went on peaceful and dutiful astral travels that helped me further uncover what my next steps should be. My point is that the entire session had a life of its own. It did not care about my expectations-it gave me what I needed and didn't even see. Wendy, New York

Overnight Spiritual Session with Val was very good. I travelled from DC & was not sure whether I will get along but at start spiritual games helped to know each other & felt as a one group. Val’s psychic abilities are incredible & she is the Spiritual Guru/Master. I recommend attending Energy Transmission experience at least once, because the serenity & divine experience you will get is quite awesome. Vishwish, Washington DC

I can't believe how fast the night went and I got a deep and comfortable sleep and woke up extremely clear and energetic. It was amazing how everyone in the group connected in the morning with such synchronized stories. I'd recommend the dreamtime transmission with Val to anyone interested in having an out of the ordinary and memorable spiritual experience. ~

Asheem Aggarwal, NYC

Val has amazing healing energy that is serene and lovely. At the Sleep Over session the experience was like being soothed by the Earth Mother. That is how I can explain Val's energy work the best. Being craddled into the silence of your own soul, with so much love. As we went to sleep. the energy really brought a deep rest to the soul and also brought forth things that needed to be let go of. It brought forth clarity and rest. And when I awoke, beautiful birds were singing a song. That was natures way of waking us up in the session, with beautiful birds. It was like living in paradise. Amy Javier, Hong Kong

Yesterday at a special divine energy transmission sleep over with Valeria Tignini I had a profound experience where I had this beautiful dream of the divine immaculate mother visiting me. She was gorgeous and radiant. She looked just like this. Today while walking around the city we went into this restaurant and there she was. We found a secret lil garden and in it was another divine feminine mother image with a child. And when we went to the herb shop she recommended a flower essence for motherhood. The divine mother was coming up all around us. I also saw my grandmother in my vision and she was more powerful and bright- showing me how bright and gorgeous heaven is. The divine mother was showing herself today and what better day, than mothers day while with my momma. Val is beyond intuitive- she has a psychic ability to tune into what goes beyond the word level and gets to the root- she gets to the soul. With grace love and truth she guides you to hear your soul truth and make decisions that bring you more peace. I recommend her in any situation for real advice - from the soul- that works. She is my go to guide.#angels #divine #mama Christine Guitterez, New York

"Val has been a light for me when my hope in women has been diminished. She clearly has a gift of healing, of soul restoration and intuition. She has a a way of making you feel loved and important, as any woman should. It's so refreshing to know another genuine soul who has the capacity in her to forever change the way you see life, and consequently yourself. I know no other that I would trust my bare sprit with for profound insight and respect. Thanks, val, for always leading the way by example and by your love so evident. I've found healing and freedom in the fact that you exist, and by your words of wisdom."

"The week Val picked me as one of the winners of a free intuitive reading I told myself I wanted a second opinion on a reading I received from a good friend . Val confirmed my trusted friend's reading. As I received Val's reading I felt my chakras open and burn, my head even bowed in gratitude. Val is a real angel on Earth."


"I felt your energy through the transmission even though it was a recording gracias.  My throat chakra opening up!Feeling it now.  val thank u so much."




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Life changing experiences

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