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Certified Ordained Minister

I am now officially recognized by U.S.A. government as an ordained minister so I can officially marry couples, baptize, house blessings, etc. aka Priestess.



I work with the Holy Spirit and have been performing holy rituals since 2012 in a private and group setting. I had a divine experience on 12/10/10 and since then this magnetic pure energy exudes from me of which allows all beings to have a divine experience themselves. I have baptized and anointed adults in rivers and seas across the world, performed house blessings, supported people before and during their marriage, as well as performed exorcisms, removed dark entities, and healed people of all kinds of issues and disease and so much more. I have counseled hundreds of people of all religious denominations or non-religious, race, and age Universally.


The work that I do I consider a divine service. If you are looking for more than just words or ritual I would be honored to help you.


- Marriages

- Baptisms​

- Renewal of Vows

- House Blessings​

- Handfastings (pre-wedding vows)

- Funerals

- Exorcisms


Sliding scale depending on ceremony, location and hours needed;

$444-$2222 please inquire by sending us an message below

Baptizing in the Mediterranean Sea, in P
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