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Myrrhophore Mystery School with Essential Oils

This is an ancient initiatory mystery school of which  Mary Magdalene has been initiated herself through the lineage of the Myrrhbearers.

This is for students who want to heal with the Sacred Oils and become a Myrrophore of the Oils.

What is a Myrrhophore or a Myrrhbearer?

A Myrrhophore is a woman who heals with Myrrh but also other sacred oils. Mary Magdalene was known to use Myrrh amongst other essential healing oils.

The oils are meant to take you to different dimensional places you haven't been before. Valeria has her own oil, Magdalene Holy Oil which she has consecrated and blessed with the Holy Spirit / Source Energy.​

Mary Magdalene was a Myrrhophore who used oils to bless, heal and initiate people. She is historically known to use them to anoint Jesus Christ on several occasions before and after his death.

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This is an initiation, of which you will learn about Seven Essential Oils and yourself.


This is a first of it's kind of an initiatory process since ancient mystery schools of the Myrrophore

The rest is a deep process of awakening.

Every day you will go through an at your pace video teaching and ancient wisdom of the oils that Valeria has chosen carefully seven oils that some are biblical and others are part of Mary Magdalene's collection.


You will go through an unfolding of healing through the merging with the oils.


Your healing will touch on your inner child and heart.

You will learn how to heal your body with the oils.


You will experience a firey alchemical process of becoming a Priestess or Priest of the oils.


You will learn about each oil and the spirit of the oil.


You will receive the ancient history of being a Myrrophore.

You will learn how Mary Magdalene and Nicodemus used the oils and the symbology of the oil itself.

In a Lavender Field

You are responsible for the following

1. The oils are not included. You will have to purchase the seven oils when you will receive the list after registration. 

2.  Watch the videos in order.

3.  Protect the sacred information given to you.

4. Make time for your healing process.

5. Use of the oils as directed and safely.

Please Read: If you have any allergies to essential oils or you are not ready to go deeper into self, this is not for you. 


You will receive 6 videos, one for each oil.

Plus  1  extra video 

- Initiation ceremony

- You may also add yourself to the Instagram page, Magdalene Tribe to continue your experience and communicate with those that may be Myhhrophores as well. 



This is the registration that is unlimited


Magdalene Holy Oil 

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 6.41.23 PM.png

Valeria has handpicked this oil and its ingredients through Source/God to create Magdalene Holy Oil.  Her connection to the oils come through the spirit of the oils and deep remembrance of being a Myhrrphore in many lifetimes. This may resonate with you as well. 

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