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Love is the totality.__Do not surpass lo

Hello, it's so nice that you are here.

Firstly, I want to say thank you for being interested in the service that I do. 

I believe if you are here, reading this, you are certainly feeling a connection to me and the work that I bring to you and humanity. Perhaps you are not sure yet, but that is okay.

Keep reading.. ;-)

This work that I do, is all about you really, meaning it's for you. Perhaps, it gives me some good karma points, but who's thinking about the future. All that I can relate to is the now. 

I have come a long way since this spiritual journey has begun, but it's all by the grace of the divine. I've had my struggles, heartbreaks, traumas, and disappointments, just like you. Of course, all part of the bigger plan for me, so that I may live fully within a normal human life so that I may understand you better, and have deeper empathy, compassion, and love.

Throughout my life, I have always loved big and wanted to know the truth complex ideas, philosophies, and history. This today still remains with me and is a huge part of my work, when teaching the gnosis that is given to me through downloads from the divine and soul guidance. When Kundalini was activated within me it opened up the gateways of information throughout my mental, physical and spiritual body. Therefore, I was flooded with upgrades to my human design of which has been shut down through conditioning and programming.

You may relate to this. I know, and there is a reason I am telling you this. That you are capable of amazing things and to experience miracles and magic in your life. You soul is calling you to do so and that is really why you are here. So this letter again, all goes back to you and how you need to heal and activate into your soul alignment, so that you may blossom into your highest potential as a human while living in inner peace. 

Love always,


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