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Palermo Retreat

with Valeria Tignini

April 13-19 2017    Sicily, Italy 


Why Palermo?

"Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, is one of those cities with its own very distinct, almost tangible atmosphere, a place of mystery where reality often outperforms the traveller’s imagination and preconceived stereotypes."

"Palermo’s history has been anything but stable as the town passed from one dominating power to another with remarkable frequency. "

"Visiting Palermo is still somewhat of an adventure in a world where so many places have become tourist-friendly to a fault. However, this is also a stimulus to those who wish to embark on a little adventure, to discover things for themselves, to dig into the very fabric of the city ...."

Read this article that describes Palermo so well click here"

Is this for you?

Valeria has been transforming people's lives for years now with her activating and healing energy work, psychic abilities, and her wisdom from source.

This is going to be an experience of a lifetime.

Val will help you explore this part of the world like no one will ever do so, along with exploring Yourself .. the fusion together will forever change you.

Val has activities that she has been using in her past retreats that give you realization and explorations lined up to discover what needs to grow and transcend within you.

Testimonials from Val's Work click here

Learn More about Valeria Tignini click here

Retreat Tuition Includes

  • Immersion in Source Energy with Val

  • 6 nights of accommodations April 13-18 (Check in 4pm- Checkout before 4pm)

  • Basic groceries for the house

  • Guided tours with Val 

  • Entry fees on city tour

  • Welcome and Goodbye dinner's

  • Pick up from airport and dropoff.


Large Beautiful Restored Villa in outskirts of the city

Large Beds, King and Queen Size offered 

Laundry room 
Kitchen + Dinning room

Reading Room

Living room (with 4 sofa) and bathroom

Outdoor patio with loggia, Italian Style with large wooden table. 
All the rooms have a ventilator on the celling.
Terrace with view of the garden and pool.

Note: Flights and any other needs not included

* Flight Trick for Cheaper Flights: Fly to Rome or Milan, Italy and from either city catch a flight to Palermo, Italy.



asterick (*) means that its part of schedule, the rest is a possibility if schedule allows.

* Beaches
* Nature Walks
* Esoteric + Historic Sites
-Boat Travels
-Nearby Villages

Culture and Food:
* Eating out with options of eating in.
* Italian + Sicilian food -Local Sea Food, Vegetarian and Meat Options
- Easter Celebration in City
-City Center Shopping

From Val:
*Source Energy Sessions
*Past Life Regressions
*Intuitive Readings/Healings
*Downloads from Source.
*5D Vision Training
* Our uniquely private Easter Ritual.

* Ancient Secret Vortexes and Relics in Palermo

Free Time:
* Days/Times to rest, travel and/or explore as you please but with curfews.

Retreat Activities Included

A Fusion of Higher Consciousness + Explorations

Retreat Tuition

Note: There is limited space for this retreat. First come, first serve.

Early Bird Rate:

Bed in Private Room in Villa 

Early Bird Rate expires November 15, 2016

Single Person Rate Only

Non-refundable after January 15th, 2017

This must be paid in full sent via to                                        or  Schedule a Bank Transfer email

For Couples/Friends:

 $1740 per person

Shared King Bed in Private Room in Villa 

May be paid in full or 3 payment Installments of $580

Down Paymnet for registration is non-refundable to                                       or  Schedule a Bank Transfer email

Single Person Rate:

$1999 per person

Large Bed in Private Room in Villa 

May be paid if full or 3 payment Installments of $666

Down Paymnet for registration is non-refundable to                                      or  Schedule a Bank Transfer email

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