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Secrets of Humanities Future in the Palermo Stone

I was told by the divine that I was to go to Palermo, Sicily to discover and activate two things in particular, "Divine Feminine" and the "Palermo Stone".

According to Wikepedia, "The Palermo Stone is one of seven surviving fragments of a stele known as the Royal Annals of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. The stele contained a list of the kings of Egypt from the First Dynasty (~3150–2890 BCE) through to the early part of the Fifth Dynasty (approx 2392–2283 BCE) and noted significant events in each year of their reigns. It was probably made during the Fifth dynasty.[1] The Palermo Stone is held in the Regional Archeological Museum Antonio Salinas in the city of Palermo, Italy, from which it derives its name. The term "Palermo Stone" is sometimes applied to all seven surviving fragments of the Royal Annals, including those held in museums in Cairo and London."

Then is says that the Palermo Stone has a band for each Dynasty in Ancient Egypt describing their events of industry. However, their interpretation is incorrect.

The Palermo Stone is a coded piece of stone that allows for us to learn the evolution of mankind. The bands are definitely eras of time, but not how it is told by the historians.

Each band is an era of how humanity relates to how food changed our genetic code and how we will stray away from food as we become breatharians. We will depend on our own pranic, energetic life force energy. That all depends on the purity of our own energy and minds. As mind takes away from energy and our energy comes through our genetic code. As we become less dependent on food, the clearer our dna will become. This is the future of humanity.

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