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Blue Rose Dream- Holy Grail

In autumn of 2013, I had a dream and this dream has stayed with me til this day.

I was living in Nyack, New York and my daughter was just a few months after her 1 year birthday. I remember I woke up with amazement. This was a time when my dreams were guiding me into different realms of consciousness as well as awakening me to who I am. During this time, I was a stay-home Mother who was awakening into a new life, after I had my Kundalini Awakening.

I had a dream one night, that I walked into a court house which was all white inside, and it had white stone molding, the floors were black and white tiles in the entry hall. I open one door out of two. I walk into the main court room and I had a meeting with the "judge". The judge said to me that, "you will have to go through much experience before you are able to hold the holy grail."

I really didn't understand what that meant during this time, as the only reference I had about the holy grail was the "Da Vinci Code" reference, but still did not fully understand.

I was in the entry hall and heard a voice. This voice was the voice that I always hear when I feel Source/God is speaking to me. I hear "pay attention to the signs above and below". I look down at the floor and noticed in the black and white tiled floor there were designs of white roses in the white tiles. I said to myself, "that's lovely". I suddenly look above and see on the ceiling a rose ceiling and then the walls, and the stone molding had roses up and down from floor to ceiling of which framed the doorway of the court room. Suddenly, the roses started to move and take shape into real roses and these roses all had a color, the color pink.

I said, "these roses remind me of my baby girl". Then one rose was turning a color, the color blue. This blue rose came out of the stone wall, and floated before me. I could almost touch it, but I knew not to. I then went closer to the rose, and I heard a voice, "not yet". Then I woke up from the dream. I felt during the time, that the blue rose symbolized a son that was to come to me.

Since, the night of 6/9/19 I have been dreaming that I was engaged to a man, which I have never dreamt of before, amongst other dreams that are connecting me to this Blue Rose Dream.

This week I have been feeling that all of us that are connected to the Rose Lineage should soon get together in France. Stellar Fairbairn sends an invite today to attend a Magdalene Retreat, of which she had read my mind. It was exactly where I envisioned it to be. Stellar mentions in the purpose of this gathering "New Blue Rose Grid of Mary Magdalene and all of Her in Our Divine Hearts ♥"

Yes, it's coming and it's here. Always grateful to all the Godwinks.


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