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Pure Life Studio 22 - Isis Temple Vortex

I have been receiving lots of information around this lately through signs, visions, and people telling me as well.

Pure Life Studio will be an underground studio space sanctuary in a bigger home, which is owned by my beloved Parents. This house has brought our family lots of luck and positive energy. I remember the first night I slept in the house, I felt so refreshed and never slept better. I knew there was something to this house the first time I saw it.

My parents were looking for a new home, as the family was transitioning. We were all finished with University, starting our careers and my parents wanted to move into a home that provided more comforts. I remember I slept at my parents house one weekend and I would often go for a run. Just a mile away from my parents house was 1122-1126 Kipling Road and it was for sale. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was The House. After a short consideration, my parents decided to purchase the home and it was done. My Father took quite some time to fix the home the way he and my Mother liked, before they moved in. However, he left some of the things that actually we all thought were a highlight of the house's original style. It had a feminine touch it felt.

This is one of the tile patterns on the kitchen floor. It's an 8 pointed star, which is the symbol of Goddess Isis.

These are in the dining/great hall room, and it's the lily/lotus flower and the rosette flower of the original Goddess Innana/Ishtar.

Isis and the lotus in bloom.

This is also the lotus flower or the fleur de lis which is Mary Magdalene's Symbol.

The house number is 1122-1126, for the reason of which it took two original lots/ addresses. The number 1122 is two master numbers, but being feminine energetically. According to, "The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11.

Similarly, the Master number 22 combines a double dose of feminine intuitive power as represented by the 2, with the ultimate capacity to make dreams into reality; the domain of the 4. And again, the result is not just a range of attributes stacked to impressive potential, but the true essence of the 22: The ability to experience all that the 11 has to offer and apply it to the material world." This is what Goddess Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Mary Magdalene, Hera, Demeter, Kali,were connected to.

1122 is a 6 and the number 6 is the number of venus. 1126 it the number 10=1 , which is the number of creation.

This is in the entrance of the house. Mary Magdalene and her son, or some other people would think it's Mother Mary and Yeshua.

This is a painting by deceased artist Pino Dangelico, who was my first long-term boyfriend's father. He was an amazing artist. She is dancing in all her shakti for the men. #divinefeminine

This is just the first floor of the house, there is so much more, but I will let it rest here.

To confirm these signs and feeling inside I have, I had to back it up with scientific evidence that 1122-1126 is indeed a vortex. Well, I found what I was suspecting. I found that 1122-1126 is on the same ley line as these two Isis Temples, two of which I have visited in my travels. 1122-1126 is on ley line 40, 40, 55.

The first one is the most important ley line in the history of the divine feminine energy/archetype, Rennes-le Chateau. I recently was at Rennes-le Chateau in April 2019 for a Retreat I lead, "Mary Magdalene Christed Lineage". Long story short, Rennes-le- Chateau is a fortified Mary Magdalene Church and villa where a priest rebuilt and beautified in Southern part of France. Before it was a church the subterranean crypt was part of an ancient Isis Temple. When I was there I felt all sorts of codes running through me. I also felt that it was placed along side the most ancient Isis Temple Energy site in the world. There is a cave directly across from Rennes Le Chateau where Mary Magdalene did her Samadhi (This is another story to be told in my book). In this spot I received that this is the holiest and purest divine feminine energy in all of the world. Mary Magdalene reactivated it during her time and I during this time. Rennes le Chateau is on ley line 42, 55, 41, which includes also includes le fontaine de l'amour.

More to come about this in my book, "Book of Mary".

The next ley line is the "Temple of Isis". This Temple is in of course Italy in Pompeii. I was in Pompeii in September of 2010, just months before my Kundalini Awakening. During this tour in Pompeii, I remember I could feel all sorts of energies and I even cried at some point. The cult of Isis is thought to have arrived in Pompeii around 100 BCE. The Isis Temple is on the same ley line, 40,44, 57.

Saint Marie Del a Mere Church is in the South of France, which now holds the energy of Mary Magdalene and her daughter, Sara Tamar, which was also an Isis Temple and it's ley line is 43, 27, 10 - very close.

So it would be right to left; Temple of Isis Pompeii, Sainte Marie de la Mere (Isis Temple), Rennes le Chateau (Divine Feminine Vortex and Isis Temple), and finally 1122-1126 Pure Life Studio 22/ my home.

The Temple of Venus in Rome it's ley line is 41, 53, 37 connects straight across to the Temple of Isis in Pompeii.

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