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Dreamtime Transmission an Ancient Healing Practice, who knew!

Patients sleeping in the temple of Aesculapius at Epidaurus.

Oil painting by Ernest Board.

In 2013, my first group session that I did my work overnight, was in NYC at the ABC Sanctuary called "Dreamtime Transmission". I was preparing to do a day session as was guided by source/God to do so. When I was booking it, I suddenly heard to do this work while people sleep. It sounded unusual, but I knew it was something that Source was supporting.

What I do is I have healing therapies of emotional and mental states and prayers while activating the higher self for healing. Then while people sleep I do energetic transmission from Source and in the morning we share our dreams and analyze what has transpired for their continued healing.

During my podcast with Alan Steinfeld called "Something Out There", I tell Alan that I am to have this Dreamtime Transmission on May 17-18 in NYC at the ABC Sanctuary and immediately he said "Aesculapius", the Greeks did that. I had no idea.

Now this is what Wikepdia says about "Procedures Performed at Asclepeions"

Signature to asclepian medicine was its holistic approach to patient care. It emphasized therapy through the natural environment, hence the carefully chosen locations, as well as care for the patient’s psychological and emotional states. By attending to these things, the patient’s innate healing mechanisms were activated, which promoted recovery.[9]

There were two steps in order for a patient to be considered to be treated in the asclepeion. The first of which is the Katharsis or purification stage. This is when a patient undergoes a series of baths and other methods of purging, such as a clean diet over a series of several days or purging their emotions through art. The patient would then make an offering such as money or a prayer to the temple, therefore to Asclepius. The priest of the temple then gives the patient a prayer in which it would ease the patient's mind and create a more positive outlook for them.

Afterwards, comes incubation or dream therapy. Patients would sleep in the “Abaon” or “Enkoimeterion,” which was a dormitory located in the asclepeion. Here, they would be lulled into a hypnotic state, likely induced by hallucinogens, and begin their dream journey.[9] As they slept, they were visited by Asclepius or his daughters Hygeia and Panacea. These dream visitations were prognostic in nature, revealing the projected course of the disease and ultimate patient outcomes. During this time, patients would also discover what it was they needed to do once they woke in order to treat their disease. Upon awakening, the patient would recount their dream to a temple priest, who would then prescribe a treatment based on their interpretation.

You can read more about it here;

Sounds just like what I do. It's uncanny how similar, if not exactly the same the work is. Maybe I should start to name it this? hmmmm. All along I thought I was being innovative and doing new paradigm kind of work. I wonder if any of it is actually new paradigm, but rather a memory of pastlives Priestess or Priest work.

If you would like to join us please register asap as spots fill up fast.

You can watch the podcast here;

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