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Rose Portal of Mary Magdalene

Today is a very powerful day energetically if you all haven't noticed it yet. We are all shifting deeper into the 5D reality.

It's the 4/4 Gateway that is connected to the Rose Portal of Mary Magdalene. 4/4 equals 8 which is the number of Isis.

This energy has intensely been shifting you to heart consciousness which is the new wave of the Magdalene Codes coming through. 🐚

Our questions of the future and the past will no longer be relevant. All that will be, will be. There is an inherent trust within us that is being asked of us and if we do not adhere we will suffer in resisting.

In the letting go of the Surrender of the great love for yourself and for all. ❤

Our sisters, who struggle with sisterhood this day is especially for you. We need to raise each other up and through, for as long as needed for her completion. Think of when a woman gives birth, you wouldn't leave her side until she has successfully had the baby in her arms and she and the baby are safe. This birth process is the same as to how we must operate with one another.

We are birthing a new way of being with a new way of assisting each other in our humanity.🤱

We are no longer waiting for the New Earth, we are in it, and the pioneers of creating it.

Allow for the Magdalene Codes to move in deeper into your consciousness. Take a moment to recognize this in your life.

written by Valeria Marie Tignini 🌹

Photo credit @theroselineage @chanelbaranphoto

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