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Mary Magdalene The Movie

It was announced this week that the Mary Magdalene Movie will be released March 16th, 2018 with Rooney Mara playing Mary (Maria Magdalena) . Of course, I was excited to see a big production company like "Universal" to produce this story of Mary and bring her story to light with dignity and respect. What I was looking to see if the story had any authenticity and watching the trailer it just seems like they added more personality to her role, but not justifying the truths of Mary Magdalene.

Here is the trailer.

Maria Magdalena was not a prostitute but rather a High Priestess of Sacred Sex Union, what others might call Tantra or more clearly, Heiros Gamos. She was the Queen of this in fact. If she decided to share this type of intimacy, which by the way does not have to include sexual penetration or any other sexual gestures, it was a true honor to the man. It was an initiation of sorts that would allow the man to go into higher consciousness.

She was far from an ordinary woman, she was a leader of the fisherman village in Israel in Magdala who happened to praise the Goddess. Mary Magdalene was revered in this village as she was THE MARY of Magdala, just across the Sea of Galilee.

She was not a poor woman as she was indeed one of Jesus sponsors, so that he may freely be able to serve and be able to take care of himself. Even though they were both very humble people. Jesus of course didn't need much, but was able to do what he needed to do because of his wife Maria and the other supporters in his life who loved and believed in him.

Yes, Maria was his wife, also his closest disciple. Maria Magdalena was a Goddess in her own right as she ascended in a cave in France after 30 years in prayer and meditation in a mountain cave in the sacred forest of La Saint Baume.

There is more to this story. I will be revealing the details on my retreat "Mary Magdalene Christed Lineage Retreat in the Sacred South of France"

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