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The Law of Mother Earth & Her Message to Me

In 2013, I had a profound experience with Mother Earth where I could hear her singing tones. She told me that she sings to the Earthlings a lullaby every night wherever on the planet and that is when she heals us from the day before. She is Mother Earth for a very good reason as she is here to provide us with everything that we need. She is a sacred womb of existence that we live in and we take for granted.

I had a very magical experience with the cleaning of my ears from Mother Earth, which is another blog but some of you already know that story. Moreover, what initiated me hearing Earth was what it felt like a wind tunnel in each ear. When the wind tunnels were finished, my ears were sobbing wet. Then I heard her.

When I experienced her, strongest message to me was "listen" and I believe that is, listen to her. She is communicating with us all the time. It's important we listen.

About 3 days ago I felt the wind tunnels again as I was relaxed in my seat after dinner. She told me this time, there will be a change on the planet soon in the new year and it will create a new paradigm shift of Consciousness for many.

This has many meanings as it's mysterious and unclear in the how. However, there was a reason for her to tell me, so that I can tell you.

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster, which the Rooster is symbolic for waking people up.

Love and Connect with her, Gaia, Terra, Earth, Pṛthvī Mātā in 2017 more than ever as we are now in 5th Dimensional Reality.

This video was created by someone who thought the crickets were making the harmonious tones. In actuality, it's the crickets playing to Mother Earth's singing. Here is what I heard the day I heard Mother Earth sing in Costa Rica.

This is the Bolivian Rain Forest .

Bolivia has become the first country in the world to give nature comprehensive legal rights in an effort to halt climate change and the exploitation of the natural world, and to improve quality of life for the Bolivian people.Developed by grassroots social groups and agreed by politicians, the Law of Mother Earth recognizes the rights of all living things, giving the natural world equal status to human beings. The full law is expected to pass within the next few months and is unlikely to face any significant opposition because the ruling party, the Movement Towards Socialism, has a considerable majority in parliament. Its leader, President Evo Morales, voiced a commitment to the initiative at the World People’s Conference on Climate change, held in Bolivia in April 2010.

The Law of Mother Earth includes the following:

  1. The right to maintain the integrity of life and natural processes.

  2. The right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered.

  3. The right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration.

  4. The right to pure water.

  5. The right to clean air.

  6. The right to balance, to be at equilibrium.

  7. The right to be free of toxic and radioactive pollution.

  8. The right to not be affected by mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities.

The law also promotes “harmony” and “peace” and “the elimination of all nuclear, chemical, biological” weapons.

Mother Earth's Music from Inside Earth

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