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Kundalini Awakening - Sexual Energy

Kundalini is the light, the fire energy that awakens each of your seven chakras. This is a natural progression of a human's evolution to have their energy body awakened to this state of being. Kundalini is the alchemy of the light body, to stir open the power of each chakra. Some experience Kundalini rising which is the feeling of the energy coming up through the body, most people feel a strong vibration which makes the shake and other feel heat or both from their toes and up. When the energy rises and does it's alchemy it's suppose to go up and through each of the seven chakras; root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. The energy is very powerful and transmutes any trauma that is connected to each chakra. Kundalini is a healing energy of course, as it's connected to source, connection to the everything. Some have many of their chakras opened through the Kundalini Rising and not all, but to be fully awakened one must experience the energy go up and all the way through their crown. When one experiences this they have full connection and are like a light bulb to connected and awakened beings. In many ways they are very energetically vulnerable if they are not aware of the energy that may be around them. On the other side, there are people that experience Kundalini Rising, which is a partial awakening and not experiencing all seven chakras. Meaning not all of the chakras are opened up energetically. With this some experience all kind of things such as physical pain, disharmony with others, and also an emotional roller coaster just to name a few. The Kundalini rises from the feet and up to the root chakra and then the sacral chakra, ect. Many who experience this the energy stops at their sacral chakra for many reasons but most important reason is healing. Other's experience from their root chakra and up which is also a partial Kundalini experience. See my video on "Find Your Sacred Power Within" for more information on this.

Kundalini is a sexual energy. It's a life force energy that allows for all creation in the human species. The kundalini is pushed up through our breath and this is why so many do kundalini yoga. When this energy is awakened your sexual energy is awakened with it. The sexual energy runs through up and down your spine like an electrical current that runs through wires in a street light. The illumination of the mind, body and soul comes from your sexual energy combined with the breath.

So many spiritual people are highly sexual and it's because they have surpassed that second sacral chakra which disperses that sexual energy up and through the other chakras. But many of us get stuck in that second chakra for oh so many reasons. Which allows for people to become disconnected from sex. They start to become less sexual and only associate that chakra being open when having sex. However, that chakra along with all the other chakra's should and are open at all times. Your mind does create and gives the power to the circumstance.

Sexual energy is very taboo in so many cultures, but sexual energy should not be restrained in your marriage, love life, art, and passions of creations. It should be brought forth into your life, like the tassels on a beautiful piece of fabric. It is the fabric of our lives.

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