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Eyes Show Your Connection to the Divine.

Photo of the marble statue- The Blessed Soul (Italian: Anima Beata) is a bust by the Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Executed around 1619.

As you can see here her eyes are rolling up. People in the past believed that the rolling up of the eyes is due to looking up, but it's actually to looking inside ourselves, our pineal gland, our soul star.

Since my kundalini awakening, my eyes have the ability to roll up naturally. When I close my eyes, they automatically go up. Now 7 years after my kundalini, my eyes have their own connection and way of being. It's difficult to keep my eyes open, but the maya - appearance of the phenomenal world is so intriguing.

Here we are at Santa Rosalia's Cave. The energy there is so strong. This Saint merged with Source in this cave and the energy is still in the cave.

Again, my eyes rolling up. As they wanted to experience the internal - eternal.

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