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Cosmic Gateway 7/7/17

Dear Ones,

We are in a time where we are constantly being upgraded by cosmic alignment to Earth and the Earth herself. On July 7th, 2017 the Cosmic Gateway is through our Sacred Sun.

Today on 7/7/17 we will be feeling energies that will allow us to shift into our Solar Plexus allowing for our Solar Power to come through.

What is our Solar Power?

Inner strength


Our Will


Mental Strength

Our Intellect

Seed of Beliefs

Decision Making


Clarity of Judgments

Self Identity







These are what the field calls for us to create stronger connection and understanding, as we are heading into a time that will require our Solar Power to be used more than ever. This is a Sol, Our inner Light to Shine from a place of all of these words above. Not from a place of weakness, insecurity, pain, narcissism. We are connecting to a place of pure Dios power, one that is divine and steadfast to one's Higher-self.

It is also the Soul's place to Manifest, the "Soul Power". Our Soul's want to operate from our heart space but the Soul plays through the Solar Plexus Energy.

We are in a time that we must access the power of our inner vortexes and allow them to co-create with the divine will. Today is a the day to activate and access this power now.

When looking up at the Sun allow for the rays of light to enter through your breath into your Solar Plexus and let your mind receive the power within.

The Sun is our tool to ascension and sends us awakening codes daily.

This is connected to the New Paradigm Shift. Know that consciousness is shifting at a fast pace now and it is required that we pay attention to those that are able to guide your path without losing ground.

Dear Ones, write down all that you wish to empower within yourself and set those intentions forward with self love and mental stability.

Be Solar, Be Bright, Be Connected To ALL, like the Sun.

You are all in my heart.


My soul essence

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