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Self Love and Freedom

Today is Venus Day, (aka Friday, Venerdi). I was waiting for the right day to post this, and what better day than today, the day of beauty, love and prosperity. I'm boldly and courageously posting photos of my skin, before I have started using this skincare that I rave about, R+F. It has HEALED my skin. 💚

I had issues with blemishes, darkening of the pigment (due to pregnancy), dulling, and it even felt like the sun damage was eating my skin. This skin care has cleared my skin of all that. You don't believe me? Look at the photos. ;-) I have been on a journey of deep self love these past year and a half and R+F was part of that journey. My aging skin was due to stress and lack of care. I was putting Me to the side and I'm not doing that anymore. I was so tired of covering my skin up with so much makeup. Look at my BEFORE photo, I'm in gym clothes and i have all that makeup on. Not anymore. To be fair I posted two AFTER shots of one with makeup and one without.

I've been using Reverse Brightening for 9 months and it cleared my skin and made it brighter. Then I used Reverse Lightening Regimine and it changed the texture of my skin and lightened all my sun damage. I gave my Mother a regimine for Mothers day, she had results after the first day. Well so did I. But after using it for a week my face was going back to the True me, the Real me once again. Im so GRATEFUL. 🙏

This is why I've affiliated myself with this company. I cannot believe how powerful these products are. ⚡Go to to learn more.

Some of you are very aware of my international work to heal and activate people. It's my soul purpose to serve the divine and people, and I love doing it. Now I'm selling skincare too. I decided to add this to my plate because of the results to my own skin and wanting to share this with others. I also needed the extra income as being a lightworker the income does not generate enough money for me to live in New York area with my daughter on our own. Therefore, I'm working towards the other side to create stability for my daughter and I. That's part of my soul purpose as a Mother.

So with that said, here are some photos of some before and after using the R+F products. The results speak for themselves.

Private message me if you are interested or go to the Venus Program.

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