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7/22/17 Divine Feminine Energy

Today Dear Ones, I can feel the peak of the ascension energy that has been building up for the past two weeks. I sense an explosion of Shiva's fountain. The energy finally came into the Mother of creation and now we must allow this energy to create a new reality once again. The ever evolving process of existence is eternal and we must sail across it with strength. May you all feel the buzz 🐝of the blossom 🌺 and begin to enjoy the upgrade. Today Wife, Mother, Grandmother; Magdalene has left her body in samadhi in a cave in France at 94 years old, July 22nd. Magdalene, daughter of Venus and Star Sirius, High Priestess of the Hathors, reincarnate of Goddess Isis, Aphrodite, Demeter, she was a change maker and a force in each era. She represents the sacred strength, love, and truth of the divine feminine in all of us. Let this day honor her existence and her divine role in our journey of ascension. <3 I love you all. Drink and enjoy the spring of its source. 

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