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Heart Chakra Merkaba

We are in a time where we can have very high vibrational spiritual experiences in which for some in the just 10 years ago felt that a long spiritual path of practice and devotion it was only possible. Today, in this new paradigm of energy that is with us we, humanity can awaken to our innate gifts and miraculous moments with the hand of the divine. Grace is given to us more and more, but only because the Earth is supporting us.

These photos were taken by Alan Steinfeld, in 2013 in NYC, at my very first group session. The divine asked me to hold this event and what I received was in ten-folds.

Here are some photos of my heart chakra piercing through my daughter's throat, while I was transmitting Christ - Light aka Source Energy to a very small group of people. You can see what I wrote about in the original blog.

However, there is a new discovery in the photos. My heart chakra holds a 6 pointed star that some call the Merkaba.

In this article it says ,"he Divine Spark resides inside a multidimensional MERKABA within the Heart Center. When seen with the inner eye, the Divine Spark is a pure flame of white light. It is our individual soul extension and is continuously connected to higher aspects of our Self that live outside the physical form." Read the whole article​

The MERKABA is a sacred geometric form that begins to spin when we reach a certain point in our awakening process. When it is spinning, is increases our personal power in many ways.

There are many other powerful tools of transformation in the heart. These may be called the Heart emotions, but they vibrate at much higher frequencies than the emotions of the first 3 chakras. The tools of the heart include: Love without conditions, Hope, Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness, Non-Judgment, Generosity, Joy, Peace, Gratitude, Enthusiasm, Detachment, and Communion with Oneness.

In the Hindu tradition, the Heart Center is drawn with 12 petals of a lotus flower. Each petal represents a smaller vortex spinning inside the larger vortex of the chakra.

According to the ancient yogis, when the kundalini, (the divine energy which rests at the base of the spine until we receive spiritual awakening) rises to the heart chakra, we are able to transform our lower vibrational energies into higher frequencies. The direct result of this transformation is to free ourselves from limitating emotions, limiting beliefs, and limiting thought patterns. We become expansive, filled with creativity, love, light, and joy.

The Ascension process taking place on the Earth today is, in fact, awakening humanity by literally causing all of our cells, our DNA, and our 4-body system even to the atomic level, to vibrate faster. This causes denser, lower frequency patterns to be brought to the surface of our awareness. Things in our lives that made us uncomfortable can no longer be ignored because they are “in our faces.” We may experience all kinds of symptoms at all levels, and Western medicine is not able to help us. If we resist looking at and working through the patterns that are now intensified by the energies, we cause ourselves more pain and some even are choosing to leave the Earth plane rather than do the work to transform these energies.

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