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With Abdy Electriciteh on September 21st

I have been attending Abdy's sessions since 2010 - he is the main guy that has activated me into my gifts,now that's it's touching on 8 years Abdy and I have become good friends and what we know we always were soul family. So, I pick Abdy up from the airport and before I do, I see a license plate that says, "K19-FLY" on it. I took it as a good sign. I pick up Abdy at the airport and we go to New York City catch up on life and deal with NYC traffic.

We finally go to lunch 3 hours later and we are talking about my up coming retreat in Marsielle France as to when I should have the retreat. The waiter asks us if we wanted a Rose' with our lunch and Abdy and I usually don't drink, but we had a glass of wine each. I asked the waiter where was the bottle from and he told me Aix de Provence area. I asked him to be specific, we look at the bottle and it's from Marsielle France.

Then we go to a cafe to meet with Richard Burns and in the Cafe there is a vintage poster of a woman flying drinking wine and the winery, of which I know very well, called Valpolicella was on the wall where we sat. I pointed it out to Abdy and he nodded.

Finally we get to the session and Abdy at some point touches me on my stomach during the session, exactly where Mother Mary punched in light through my stomach in Havana's Cathedral in Cuba a littler over two weeks ago. I could feel heat and energy within my stomach expanding and empowering me. My solar plexus was lit up. This photo below was taken of me after I felt this punch of energy after noticing the statue of Mother Mary at the Cathedral. I was down on my knees bowing to her. So, this solar plexus empowerment went on with Abdy as well. Then Abdy put his feet in between my feet for a long time it felt and I was holding this yogic pose that look like I was flying (I don't do yoga). I was laying on my tummy and my arms were spread wide and back and my legs were off the ground. I later realized that I was doing a flying pose.

The thing is people don't realize when you are with Abdy all along it's a session. I tell people this all the time, the energy is never off, it's just when he attends a session it's turned up. I know this through my own experience with the energy and doing sessions. We had so many nice synchronicities and some call "coincidences" that I haven't even mentioned, it became a fun game.

Abdy helped me come up with a time frame for the Mary Magdalene Christed Lineage Retreat as well as good chats of life. I love my brother Abdy. A pure powerful soul. I am so grateful to him.

The best part was dessert ;) We were realizing how we are always matching clothes when he comes to New York, since my shirt matched his color of his pants. Our dessert comes and it matched too. A wonderful sign of resonance.

In the end I did fly high.

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