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Last night in "delta waves" sleep which is right before REM sleep- the deepest form of sleep, I had many downloads given to me and one of them was the true meaning of "HAVE", aka "AVE", like Ave Maria and where it comes from. Here I share with you this special download. I was told that AVE, HAVE means divine one, come. All words are vibrations. Some of them have the original vibration. Meaning, every word comes from somewhere, a place of feeling, a dimension. Humans were able to grasp these vibrations and turn them into words. A vibration has a feeling of which resonates human being to human being. The vibrations become sounds and sounds become words. These words come from the 5th dimension and the Fifth dimension is connected to the Throat Chakra. The 5th dimension is also connected to the angelic realm. Here is another blog I have on the 12 Dimensions of Consciousness . When we listen to the song, "Ave Maria", this song is tapping into the 5th Dimension, of course the classical music along with the words "AVE" "MARIA" lets the words continue to vibrate for the length of the song and there after. Classical music is also music of higher dimensions, therefore resonating on a pure soul level. When your soul resonates with music, you are in a meditative state which allows you to go into higher states of consciousness. So when we say, AVE we are saying "DIVINE ONE, COME" to be simple. Which also means to me, "divine one, come and merge with me, let us be one". Listen to the song and feel this truth.

Here is Versions of Schubert, Bach, Gounod, Mozart Choir Sacred Music


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