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Symptoms of Third Eye Opening in February 2018

Third eye

Third Eye activation is prevalent since the month of February 2018.

There has been a new wave of ascension energy and the energy pushes on some of the chakras when it does.

Here are some of the symptoms that you might have during this time.

  1. Headaches on forehead

  2. Softening of the middle forehead

  3. Sensitive in middle forehead to touch

  4. Lots of visions of Self

  5. Lots of visions and messages of higher consciousness

  6. Difficulty sleeping

  7. Wake up at 3 am often

  8. Memory confusions

  9. Deeper thoughts about life

  10. Heavy headed

  11. See signs and numbers over and over again.

  12. Dreams are lucid

  13. Predicting things

  14. Reading people's minds

  15. Seeing things in the corner of your eye

  16. Closing your eyes more during the day

  17. Feel pressure in the pineal gland

And extra, you will see more of the number 5 & 7 show up in your matrix.

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